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WBM15 & WBM16

High pressure mercury vapour (HPMV) lamp ballast

Best Suited For

  • Lighting Controls


Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Ambient temperature - Designed for ambient temperature up to 50°C
  • Winding temperature - Designed for temperatures equal to 120°C
  • ODT = 70°C



  • Ballast incorporates coil, core and connector assembly. Low loss silicon steel laminations are wounded with super enamelled copper wire with class `F` insulation on specially designed glass filled nylon bobbin
  • High temperature resistant inter layer polyester film is provided for proper inter layer insulation sugged mechanical and electrical construction
  • Suitable for operation with all the luminaires incorporating HPMV lamps
  • Complete assembly is varnished and enclosed in a CRCA Canister and sealed with specially formulated polyester resin
  • Specially designed glass filled polyester connector with stand high voltage upto 5 KV
  • Conforms to IS 6616: 1972 and designed as per lamp data specified in IS 9900: 1981

Electrical & Packaging

Electrical & Packaging

Main CodeParameter ValuesRated Voltage (V)Mains Current (A)Approx Weight (kg)Case lot (in nos.)
Main CodeParameter ValuesRated Voltage (V)Mains Current (A)Approx Weight (kg)Case lot (in nos.)
WBM 150801 x 80 W HPMV2400.81.58
WBM 160801 x 80 W HPMV2400.81.58
WBM 152501 x 250 W HPMV24022.74
WBM 154001 x 250 W HPMV2403.253.84
WBM 151251 x 125 W HPMV2401.151.68
WBM 161251 x 125 W HPMV2401.151.68



Use appropriate tapping on ballast to suit mains voltage of installation

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Case Studies

  • Wells Fargo India Solutions Pvt Ltd – Hyderabad

    Wells Fargo had a clear objective in mind for their new facility in Hyderabad. They wanted to achieve a Platinum Green Building status for the facility by reducing lighting energy consumption, all the while providing computerised control of lighting along with personal lighting control for individuals in the meeting rooms. Wipro developed an intelligent, network based Lighting Management system that helped improve light quality and workplace ergonomics and reduced energy consumption up to 30%.

  • NetApp India Pvt Limited – Bangalore

    NetApp, Inc. is a provider of storage and data management solutions. They approached Wipro for lighting management systems to convert their Bangalore facility into an intelligent and smart building. Wipro was successful in making the best use of ambient and artificial light with a latest network based Lighting Management system.

  • Technopolis IT Park, Kolkata – Green Building

    Technopolis is one of the largest green buildings in India. Wipro was roped in to provide the energy efficient lighting and lighting control designs to meet the design criteria of 1.3W/sq.ft as per US-LEED. Wipro proposed three key solutions; the use of energy efficient luminaires, occupation detection sensors and daily light sensors.

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