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GCF31 & GCF32

Pendant mounted indirect lighting luminaire suitable for 2 x 36 W and 4 x 36 W FTL(T8), 4 x 28 W and 4 x 54 W FTL(T5) lamps

Best Suited For

  • Offices

  • Software Offices

  • Corporate Offices

  • Banks




  • Silver powder coated finish CRCA housing with extruded aluminium lip
  • Special translucent satin finish virgin non-yellowing PMMA ribbed lens
  • Staggered lamp arrangement for uniform illumination in continuous row installation
  • Specially designed, tool free maintenance quarter turn locking system for control gear tray
  • Electronic control gear duly wired up to the terminal block
  • Suspension system with SS aircraft cable for GCF 32 series
  • Suitable for standalone or continuous row mounting
  • GCF 31 – Recessed – Standalone available in two lengths – 1195 / 2290 mm
  • GCF 31 – Recessed – Continuous row available in two lengths –1105 / 2200 mm
  • GCF 32 – Suspended – Standalone available in two lengths –1180 / 2275 mm
  • GCF 32 – Suspended –Continuous row available in two lengths – 1098 / 2193 mm
  • Designed and manufactured to comply with IS 10322 part 5/Sec 1:1987

Accessories & Controls

Accessories & Controls

  • Electronic control gear (SGW)
  • Digital electronic control gear with Active Power Factor correction (SGA)
  • Dimmable control gear

Electrical & Packaging

Electrical & Packaging

Main CodeParameter ValuesRated Voltage (V)Mains Current (A)Approx Weight (kg)Case lot (in nos.)IP
Main CodeParameter ValuesRated Voltage (V)Mains Current (A)Approx Weight (kg)Case lot (in nos.)IP
GCF 31154 SGA54 W FTL(T5)2400.252.6420
GCF 31254 SGA54 W FTL(T5)2400.55.6220
GCF 31154 SGA CT54 W FTL(T5)2400.252.4420
GCF 31254 SGA CT54 W FTL(T5)2400.55.4220
GCF 32154 SGA54 W FTL(T5)2400.252.7420
GCF 32254 SGA54 W FTL(T5)2400.54.5220
GCF 32154 SGA CT54 W FTL(T5)2400.252.4420
GCF 32254 SGA CT54 W FTL(T5)2400.54.3220
GCF 31228 SGW2 x 28 W2400.265.6220
GCF 31228 SGW CT2 x 28 W2400.265.4220
GCF 32228 SGW2 x 28 W2400.264.5220
GCF 32228 SGW CT2 x 28 W2400.264.3220
GCF 31128 SGW1 x 28 W2400.132.6420
GCF 31128 SGW CT1 x 28 W2400.132.4420
GCF 32128 SGW1 x 28 W2400.132.7420
GCF 32128 SGW CT1 x 28 W2400.132.4420



GCF 31 series – Recessed

Specially designed mounting brackets suitable for 10 to 30mm thick POP/GYP board ceiling system. CRCA connectors and special connecting pins for continuous row installation supplied with continuous row LINEOS system

GCF 32 series – Suspended

Suspension system with on-site adjustment [to be ordered separately]

WVX 861

Suitable for RCC ceiling

WVX 863

Suitable for Armstrong Prelude 24mm ceiling

WVX 862

Suitable for Armstrong Silhouette 15mm ceiling Specially designed connectors for continuous row installation, supplied with continuous row LINEOS

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