Surface Mounted Luminaires

  • Surface Mounted Luminaires : Optima


WIF14 & WIF36

Industrial channel with pre-coated sheet steel suitable for 1 x 36 W, 1 x 40 W and 2 x 36 W, 2 x 40 W FTL (T8) lamps

Best Suited For

  • Industries

  • Auto/Auto-Ancillary

  • Electricity Generation

  • Cement

  • Metals and Minerals

  • Textile & Leather


Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

External earthing terminal



  • Slender and robust design in high quality polyester pre-coated galvanised steel
  • Bi-directional (full) reflector made of polyester pre-coated galvanized steel, profiled to provide robust construction and adequate illumination (WIF 36)
  • Soft contoured injection moulded plastic end caps in white ABS plastic material and snap fit lamp holders
  • Slim, compact, open type low loss electromagnetic copper wound ballast
  • 2 way, 5 Amps, glass filled polyester connector
  • Pinch type starters which eliminate flickering at low voltages and capacitor with metallized polypropylene film (applicable only for electromagnetic ballast)
  • Conforms to IS 10322/Part 5/Sec 1:1987

Accessories & Controls

Accessories & Controls

  • Smart warm start eletronic ballasts
  • Snap fit polycarbonate lamp holders
  • 3 way 5 amps GFP mains connector for 1 sq. mm incoming cable
  • Suitable for 19 mm ET cable entry

Electrical & Packaging

Electrical & Packaging

Main CodeParameter ValuesRated Voltage (V)Mains Current (A)Approx Weight (kg)Case lot (in nos.)IP
Main CodeParameter ValuesRated Voltage (V)Mains Current (A)Approx Weight (kg)Case lot (in nos.)IP
WIF 142402 x 36/40 W FTL(T8)2400.432.1620
WIF 14240 SG2 x 36/40 W FTL(T8)2400.321.23620
WIF 14240 SGW2 x 36/40 W FTL(T8)2400.321.23620
WIF 36240 S2 x 36/40 W FTL(T8)2400.433.24620
WIF 36240 SGS2 x 36/40 W FTL(T8)2400.322.4620
WIF 36240 SGWS2 x 36/40 W FTL(T8)2400.322.4620
WIF 141401 x 36/40 W FTL(T8)2400.231.5620
WIF 14140 SG1 x 36/40 W FTL(T8)2400.161.11620
WIF 14140 SGW1 x 36/40 W FTL(T8)2400.162.1620
WIF 36140 S1 x 36/40 W FTL(T8)2400.232.62620
WIF 36140 SGS1 x 36/40 W FTL(T8)2400.162.27620
WIF 36140 SGWS1 x 36/40 W FTL(T8)2400.162.27620



  • Individual two-point surface mounting on walls and ceiling ensures correct mounting even on uneven surfaces
  • Ceiling suspension using 19 mm diameter rigid conduit on two knockouts which provide suitable piercing
  • Offers flexible mounting options based on customer’s infrastructure
  • Ceiling suspension on chain by means of special spring steel clips (clips provided only on request)

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