As a leader in Lighting Solutions, Wipro Lighting has always made sure to provide the customers with the Gold Standard in Lighting Innovation. Design & Innovation have become a way of life at Wipro and cutting edge work is happening on new products and new technologies. 


Internet of Lighting (IoL) ®  is our step in the direction of offering our customers best in class solutions in Lighting & beyond. Itis Wipro Lighting’s platform on which lighting and technology confluence. Wipro Lighting will be providing its applications and solutions right from smart homes, smart buildings to smart cities under the brand identity of IoL®. 



  • Intelligent & Human Centric Lighting for Indoors


With the emergence of IoT and Big Data, Smart and Connected digital lighting based solutions like Power over Ethernet (PoE) are the way forward as they will bring in intelligence & functionality into lighting systems, enhance user experience and deliver desired outcomes to the customers. 


PoE based solutions enabling users to control lighting through connected devices such as smart phones, tablets etc., is the recent trend in the industry. This upcoming technology is helping to enhance employee comfort, productivity and safety through personalized control of work spaces, enables performance tracking due to real-time updates on lighting system status. 


There is an enhanced focus on human centric lighting intended to promote a person’s well-being, mood and health. It can improve concentration, safety and efficiency in workplaces or educational environments. By changing color of light and/or intensity of light, workspaces are willing to provide bio-dynamic light based on human circadian rhythm for increased employee concentration, cognitive performance, alertness and in general well-being. 


We have collaborated with Cisco for Power over Ethernet (PoE) based lighting solutions for Smart Buildings, enabling improvement in workspace productivity and enhanced employee well-being.


  •  Li Fi – Data through Light 

Extensive usage of wireless data and exponential increased number of connected devices such as mobile phones and smart devices, have given rise to the need of LiFi – a high-speed bidirectional fully networked, wireless communications using visible light rather than radio frequencies. LiFi can offer significantly greater security, high speed data transmission rates and densities to support more robust and reliable wireless networks that complement and enhance existing cellular and Wi-Fi networks. 


Our partnership with pure Li-Fi, Scotland has made us pioneers in India to deliver high speed & secure data transmission through LED luminaires.



  • Smart Outdoors 


LED Lighting being a digital source will become the principal infrastructure based on which other technology and services can be provided. In a smart city, smart street lights & poles will fulfill many more functions than mere illumination. 


Street lighting poles can also serve as data stations with sensors for adaptive lighting, weather & pollution sensing and monitoring, enable Wifi & RF connectivity, provide smart screens for ads, public address systems, can monitor parking spaces and recharge the batteries of an electric car. 


As cities grow, a security infrastructure of sensors and cameras will decrease the risk of any threat, accidental or intentional. Such a system can run directly over the centrally managed street lighting grid, making the city a better place to live in. 


Lighting based traffic control & management, parking spaces allocation, commute information, etc. can leverage lighting platform and deliver an infrastructure based solution for smart cities, thus providing enhanced user experience for the citizens. 


Centralized monitoring & control, ease of & quicker maintenance, power savings, higher reliability and greater system efficiency are some of the facets of technology based lighting solutions in smart cities. 


Being connected to a single network, the lighting system will have a concrete data on the amount of electricity consumed by each light on a broader level or even how much a phase consumes. This will help in eliminating the problem of electricity theft as well as enable proactive maintenance as the leaks in a particular network can be readily discovered and necessary actions can be immediately taken. 


Accurate switching times based on local sunset and sunrise with the aid of photo-sensor or time-scheduled switches, increased flexibility of lighting, data management with the help of an energy consumption report, 24 hour online monitoring system (GIS), increased security with the help of CCTV cameras on poles & anti-theft alarm are the intelligent features of the connected outdoor lighting system. 



With Internet of Lighting(IoL)® technology at its disposal, Wipro Lighting is at the forefront in providing smart, intelligent & connected lighting solutions for indoor & outdoor applications. It will play an important role in making our workspaces and cities more livable, enjoyable and safer, at the same time making them more economically sustainable.