Right Light

Globalisation has shrunk boundaries and the business world is fast becoming flat. The effect of this change is most evident on the changing work patterns of people. People are spending more time at workplaces, collaborating, exchanging and developing new ideas with their colleagues around the world.

The new-age workplaces are equipped with good ergonomics, space planning, ventilation and lighting for enhanced people performance. Workplace lighting has a strong social and emotional significance. It affects the health, mood and overall performance of people working there.

Affirming on the quality of light that brings space to life and life to space, the Right Light Philosophy states

  • Visually balanced lighting i.e. good distribution of light in horizontal and vertical planes.
  • Low contrast in working area (near field).
  • Low contrast on walls and ceilings (far field).
  • Lighting for the space, not just for the work surface.

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