Smart Lighting Solution

Welcoming the new era with the Internet of Things (IoT) brings in the collaborative streaming of real-time data and artificial intelligence but the most striking feature is - it enable consumers to make better decisions thereby saving money. IoT is a boon and challenge at the same time because integrating systems, getting them to communicate using a standard protocol and providing interoperability across devices is not an easy task but if this architecture is created in a robust and scalable manner then nothing else can help to reach the true potential for enterprise market as connected network controlled Smart LED lighting.

Wireless network controlled systems bring smart lighting with control strategies such as task tuning, daylight harvesting and scheduling to deliver demand-based lighting optimized for each zone. Smart lighting is one of the easiest ways to save energy in an open office or any other modern workspace where every light point is connected to an intelligent system that delivers high-quality, reliable illumination and sometimes even extraordinary value beyond illumination to the users. In outdoor category, LED High bays combined with wireless controls can deliver up to 90% savings at warehouses and distribution centers.

Smart building lighting solutions need robust and scalable architecture design to satisfy the high performance requirements and opens up various opportunities as -

  • Identify energy efficiency opportunities
  • Improve workplace safety, comfort and convenience
  • Optimize equipment utilization, scheduling and maintenance
  • Improve space utilization
  • Identify operational anomalies and Optimize performance
  • Identify energy efficiency opportunities

For a couple of our multinational clients including a bank and a high-end technology company, are Indoor Smart Lighting projects where we have supplied LED Luminaires with PoE (Power Over Ehternet) Solutions. PoE does not required mains AC input power. Luminaire takes power and control signal from LAN Cable Cat5e/6a type. Both control and power goes through single cable and allows individual luminaire level control. System is also integrated with occupancy and daylight based sensors and provides better control over lighting energy consumption. Complete system is then integrated with building LAN (Local Area Network) and can be connected to internet. This allows remote monitoring and control of entire project from remote location.

In north India, we have accomplished projects demonstrating smart outdoor lighting system. These systems are based on LPRF (Lower Power Radio Frequency) technology along with GPRS. It is deployed on smart street lights with individual level control with dimming option. The system generally termed as CCMS (Centrally Control and Monitoring System) where multiple street lights are centrally controlled and monitored. This helps in real time energy monitoring, dynamic energy saving based on astronomical ON /OFF/DIM functions. Remote monitoring of status of street lights and fault finding makes system more effective. It also generates reports on energy consumption pattern, alarms (theft, failure) and alerts etc.

System Architecture

Wipro offers a range of energy efficient Lighting Solutions and Control systems and components for Smart Lighting applications in Indoor and Outdoor facilities. With the emergence of big data, the internet of things and connected digital lighting, it is going to bring much more intelligent functionality into our lighting systems. Hence, this trend will play an important role in making cities more livable, more enjoyable, more safe at the same time making it more economically sustainable.

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