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25 Years of Excellence

our awards

Won Frost & Sullivan Award-2018 Indian Connected LED Lighting Company of the Year Award

International seal of quality for good design (2017)

Certified excellence in product design

India LED lighting visionary innovation leadership award

One of the successful brands in Asia recognized globally

International diamond prize for excellence in quality

Symbol of innovative design

One of the top most promising brands in Asia

Celebrating design excellence


Our Lighting Philosophies

In line with WELL Building Standard™ (WELL) , Wipro Lighting has developed products and solutions based on human centric lighting concepts, intended to promote a person’s well-being, mood and health.

Wipro in News

  • London, U.K, November 13, 2018
    Wipro Lighting is pleased to announce our strategic partnership with IGOR on PoE Technology

    Igor, Inc. and Wipro Lighting. part of Wipro Enterprises Limited have entered into an OEM agreement to license Igor technology for the Wipro Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Connected Lighting product line. The agreement enables Wipro to sell Igor-enabled lighting fixtures globally with exclusive lighting partner rights in India.

  • PUNE, January 5, 2018
    Wipro Lighting launches Internet of Lighting®

    Wipro Lighting today at its signature event “Light Show 2018” launched its Internet of Lighting (IoL)® solutions for smart & connected indoor and outdoor lighting.

    With the emergence of IoT and Big Data, smart & connected digital lighting-based solutions are the way forward as they will bring in intelligence & functionality into lighting systems, enhance user experience and deliver desired outcomes for customers.

Our clients say

Earning Patronage across Domains

Sudhir Sawant
Sudhir Sawant, Director, Knexir Consultants
D.G.M(E&I), Parasakti Cement
Uttam Kumar Sahu
Nitin Wahoskar
Nitin Wahoskar, Head of Department-Electrical
Namrata Shukla
Namrata Shukla, Senior Design Engineer - Electrical
Sri Vigneswara Filling Station
Sri Vigneswara Filling Station, Indian Oli Dealers
Sri Sai Durga Filling Station
Sri Sai Durga Filling Station, Proprietor
Sri Seetharama Kalyana Mandapam
Sri Seetharama Kalyana Mandapam, Proprietor
Syamala Filling Station
Syamala Filling Station, Indian Oli Dealers
M/s. Paluri Venkata Ramana
M/s. Paluri Venkata Ramana, Indian Oli Dealers
M/s  Navodaya Trading Co.
M/s Navodaya Trading Co., Indian Oli Dealers
Durgam Oil Filling Center
Durgam Oil Filling Center, PropriIetrix
Thyssenkrup, Thyssenkrupp Industries India
Superintending Engineer
Superintending Engineer, Nagpur Region Electrical Circle
K Unnikrishnan
K Unnikrishnan , Vice President
Prof P. V. Varkey- Rtd.
Prof P. V. Varkey- Rtd. , Electrical Consultancy Division
Jatin Pandya
Jatin Pandya, D.G.M- Engineering and Maintenance
Sandip R. Shah
Sandip R. Shah, Sr. Manager- Purchase

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