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February 27, 2022

All you need to know about Whistling Bollard Light by Wipro Lighting

Whistling LED Bollard is one of the modest outdoor lighting solutions introduced by Wipro Lighting to revamp outdoor spaces and embrace socializing through delightful musical experiences. 

These Bollards are optimum for every outdoor space including society parks, streets, educational institutes, and pathways to let people enjoy music and be aware of the innovative technology of illumination with soothing musical notes. 

Many designers are inclined towards this luminaire to redefine outdoor spaces and make them more comfortable and sociable. And why not? This lighting has it all. There are several benefits and appealing specifications of Whistling Bollard that make it a perfect lighting solution for exterior illumination. Read on to discover everything to know about this Premium LED Bollard to light the outdoor space for an enigmatic experience.

Top Features of Whistling Bollard LED Light

It is an eco-friendly outdoor LED lighting

Nowadays, eco-friendly lighting is preferred over other options. So, Whistling Bollard also falls under a non-polluting and sustainable lighting solution to illuminate outdoor spaces efficiently with a scattering effect. Furthermore, it avoids upward light pollution for the comfort and survival of nocturnal creatures.

It comes with corrosion proof body material

This Premium LED Bollard has a powder-coated aluminum extrusion. It gives superior aesthetics and rustproofing capability which makes it optimum modern lighting for exterior radiance.

It ensures ingression protection

It is made from IPS65 construction material which gives the required protection and safety from water, dust, insects, and other environmental factors. 

These features are commendable for outdoor lighting solutions to light up the space adequately without getting fused, rusted, or interfering with the socializing experiences. 

Key Highlights of Whistling Bollard 

Mentioned below are some important specifications of LED Bollard with musical symphony:

  • It has an add-on speaker module.

  • It offers high-efficiency LEDs.

  • Its asymmetric dual optics provide glare-free vision.

  • It is aluminum coated with dark grey or pure polyester powder to extrude housing.

These specifications are advantageous for durable and efficient working modern Led lighting for outdoor spaces. Moreover, Whistling Bollard gives you all with complementary musical experience to cheer up the mood of the people and make the atmosphere intriguing.

Wrap up

Whistle LED Bollard is specially designed for the anti-glare asymmetric distribution of light to have clear and more focused illumination in the pathways. Because of this aspect, this LEd lighting is best suited for townships, campuses, ports, parking lots, and resorts. Furthermore, its pleasant aesthetics and brightness also contribute to becoming one of the top choices for many buildings, structures, and garden areas to integrate high-tech lighting.  

We understand the needs and demands of the economy, environment and people to engage, socialise and work together under decent lighting conditions. That’s why Wipro Lighting brings to you Whistling Bollard to meet today’s world expectations and help the lighting industry reach greater heights. 

To get more information about Whistling Led Bollard, explore our website.

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