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Immaculate Soft & Smart

Revolutionary Anti-Glare Luminaire
  • Immaculate Soft

    Special diffuser effectively shields

  • Immaculate Smart

    Integrated Occupancy Sensor

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Immaculate Soft | Unified Glare Rating
Conformance to UGR

With an objective to reduce the harmful effects of Glare, standards are set defining the permissible UGR for luminaires. European Standard BSEN 12464: 2002 specifies the ideal UGR<19 for Offices where reading, writing, training, meetings or computer based work are the primary tasks.

What is UGR? Why is it so important?
UGR (Unified Glare Rating) is a metric that is used to calculate level of glare in a certain application. Standards are set specific to applications and its related tasks, to ensure that the UGR is at the correct level for the space and doesn’t interfere with general productivity.
Incorrect optics causing direct and indirect glare
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Correct optics
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Glare is a visual sensation that occurs when two competing light sources are present simultaneously in a person’s line of vision. The main type of glare that is experienced in the offices is discomfort glare, usually caused by an overbearing back light around a computer screen or a strong overhead light. By adjusting the level of glare that is emitted by these luminaires to a more comfortable level for the eye, an optimum working environment can be achieved.

Glare can be experienced in two different ways – direct and indirect. In either cases, glare influences the human body and can result in fatigue, eye strain or even migraines.

Disability glare

This is defined as a situation where vision can be impaired, preventing oneself from seeing an object or completing an activity. Bright sunshine causing reflections of the windows on computer screens is one common example in workspaces.

Discomfort glare

This is used to describe times where excessive luminance results in an automatic need to look away and a feeling of discomfort.

Features and Benefits
High efficacy LEDs gives uniform and optimum light
Uniform Illumination

Best-in-class diffuser with UGR<19 delivers uniform light distribution that eliminates dark patches, avoids contrasts with perfect diffusion of light with low glare.

Enhanced Productivity

Good quality illumination reduces eye-strain and fatigue, enhancing work productivity and wellbeing of the people.

Superior Optics

Microprecision Optics (MPO) diffuser provides excellent glare control maintaining the (Unified Glare Rating) UGR <19.

Integrated Sensor

Immaculate smart comes with an inbuilt occupancy sensor that helps save power.Advanced passive infrared technology.Detection pattern & range - 7m diameter at 2.8m height. Adjustable off delay timing is 1-90min in predefined steps

Intelligent Lighting

The inbuilt sensor, helps manage lighting as per requirement and presence, reducing electricity bills

What's so Glaringly Inappropriate?
Brighter luminaires produce higher contrast with the ceiling, causing Glare. Working in such environments results in eye strain, fatigue and lack of productivity.
In todays workspaces, the general obsession towards creating brighter spaces with higher illuminance is forcing the LED product manufacturers to continuously upgrade technology and generate higher lux levels. In many such offices with direct lighting, these luminaires create high contrasts; resulting in Glare.
Glare is difficulty seeing in the presence of any kind of bright light – direct light, reflected sunlight or artificial light. In offices, Glare not only causes discomfort, but also has a significant impact on people wellness.
Glare-free lighitng Luminaire
  • White powder coated CRCA housing
  • Immaculate Soft – Specially designed Micro Precision Optics (MPO) diffuser which restricts the UGR<19
  • High efficacy LEDs gives uniform and optimum light output
  • Immaculate Smart – Integrated occupancy sensor for enhanced savings
  • Compliance to IS 10322 / Part 5 / Sec 1 : 1987
  • Available with DALI and Analog drivers on request

Electrical data
Future ready and smart
Immaculate Soft
Cat No. Power (W) ± 5% Rated Voltage (V) Mains Current (Amp) Unit Weight (Kg) Case Lot (Nos)
CRCO10RO33HP40UGR 33 240 0.14 3.5 2
Immaculate Smart
Cat No. Power (W) ± 5% Rated Voltage (V) Mains Current (Amp) Unit Weight (Kg) Case Lot (Nos)
CRCO10R030TL57UGSN 30 240 0.14 3.6 2
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Future ready and smart








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