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innovative n’ connected flexibility


Flexibility is your entitlement Straight lines, criss-cross or geometric patterns.. do it easily with Stylus
Freedom in Design Linear profiles are best to use, when they flow with the lines in architecture. Stylus looks exciting with the connectivity options it offers. It does open a lot of avenues to experiment and play with light.
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Flexi-lit angular lighting solution

It's a first Flexi-lit angular lighting solution with unique angle detector which offers to rotate the arms at different angles, blends well with the linear luminaire and helps in forming a desired illuminated shape and forms in space.

Nodal: Is a central downlighter with ridge to connect linear fittings with the help of end cap. Linear fitting can be swiveled from 75o to 120o angle with three arms.

Stylus Fixed Angular

Beauty of Stylus lies in its connectivity options and the limitless design variations it opens up. The ‘X’, ‘V’, ‘Y’ and ‘+’ variants of Stylus seamlessly connect the straight arms of Stylus allowing designers to explore the forms they want to experiment with.

connectivity options
Stylus...to light up your most creative designs
Light distribution options

Connectivity options in Stylus open up an array of offerings, giving designers the freedom and flexibility that we truly promise. Stylus not only offers interesting connectivity variants but also has combinations in uplight and downlight ratios, which makes using it even more interesting.

Option of direct indirect lighting

LM43-161XXX-57SDW Stylus Nodal Downlight 1 no.
Two Arm Connectivity
LM43-161XXX-57SDW Stylus Nodal Downlight 1 no.
LM43M06A-MTG End cap with Mounting Clamp, Screw 2 nos
LMX774/LM775/LM776 Suspension 1 no.
Three Arm Connectivity
LM43-161XXX-57SDW Stylus Nodal Downlight 1 no.
LM43M06A-MTG End cap with Mounting Clamp, Screw 3 nos
LMX774/LM775/LM776 Suspension 1 no.
Four Arm Connectivity
LM43-161XXX-57SDW Stylus Nodal Downlight 1 no.
LM43M06A-MTG End cap with Mounting Clamp, Screw 4 nos
LMX774/LM775/LM776 Suspension 1 no.
STYLUS with collimator lens | for the critical tasks
STYLUS with collimator lens
The new generation collimator lens is widely known to provide the perfect glare-free light with UGR<6. These luminaires are preferred for high performance tasks as they significanlty reduce stress and fatigue of the occupants.
  • High on task
  • Ideal for green building
  • Narrow beam angle - 45o
Compatible with multiple technologies






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Features and Benefits
innovative n’ connected flexibility
Flexibility in design

Multiple arm lengths and various angle options with Flexi-lit

Visual balance

Inset 12mm profile for glare controlled beam angle

Less eye fatigue and eye strain

Choice of special MPO diffuser or collimator lens which ensure low glare for occupant

Multiple options

Optics, Connecting Angular, Light Distribution, Colour Housing, Colour Temperature, Length, Wattage

Seamless integration

Multiple angle connectivity helps adapting to various patterns and also ensures aesthetics with zero light leakage and hardware visible on surface

Easy integration

Slim profile of 60 mm easily blends with office architectural layouts

No visible hardware on external surface
  • White or Black Matt Powder Coated extruded aluminum Housing
  • No visible hardware on external surface
  • High Efficiency Translucence (HET) diffuser Plus reflectors
  • With Option of Analog dimming
  • With option of DALI dimming
  • Thoughtfully designed
  • IS 10322 part 5/Sec 1 2012 comply
Electrical Data
Catalogue Reference No. Light Distribution Wattage (W) Length (mm) Related Voltage(v) Main Current(A) Case Lot(Nos.) Unit Weight(Kg)
LM43-271-045-57-WX 45o down 20 1200 240 0.087 1 3.0
LM43-541-045-57-WX 45o down 40 2400 240 0.175 1 6.0
Stylus Options
Optics Standard diffuser Collimator lens Louvres Special MPO diffuser Multiple optics in 2400mm
Luminaire length 600 mm 900 mm 1200 mm 1800 mm 2400 mm
Wattage options 10W | 15W 15W | 20W 20W | 30W 30W | 45W 40W | 60W
Light distribution 100% Down Up | Down - - -
Housing colour White Black - - -
Angular Flexi-lit Fixed - - -
Colour temperature 4000k 5700k - - -