Force Green
Leadership in Green Building Lighting

Although the high rate of growth with which the construction and manufacturing industries are growing is favourable for the Country, it also raises concerns about the impact on the environment and mounting pressure on the energy and resources. The need of the hour is to minimize the impeding risks on the environment, attain optimum utilization of construction materials and curtail the harmful effects of buildings on atmosphere and people.

At Wipro we not only promote the development of a sustainable eco-friendly infrastructure which encourages energy conservation and promote optimum use of resources mitigating the negative impact on environment and people but also we proud the fact of being the only lighting company in India to build more than 55% of the Green Buildings in the Country.

What is the need for Green Buildings?

Green Building is an ideal solution to address the booming construction industry in India and an opportunity to capitalize on our tropical climate. Due to our natural climate, we have abundance of natureal heat and light.

  • Environment benefits:
    Reduces pressure on consumption of natural resources
  • Economic Benefits
    • Improves profitability of business
    • Reduces operating costs and optimizes life cycle economic performance
    • Increases building valuation
  • Community and corporate benefit
    Minimizes strain on local infrastructure and improves quality of life
  • Health and safety benefits
    • Enhances comfort and health of occupants
    • Improves productivity
    • Reduces absenteeism and increases efficiency

Want to know more about lighting for green buildings and how it can encourage optimum use of resources and mitigate negative impact on your surroundings, click here to consult the experts.