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Wipro’s Power over Ethernet Based SolutionsPersonalised workspaces promoting employee comfort, productivity and safety with energy efficiency and performance tracking

Delivering the perfect lighting effect to keep you comfortable at all times
Energy Management

Savings of more than 65% resulting from energy and space optimization, and lower maintenance costs. Also increases LED efficiency by 15%.

System Integration

Converges electrical and communication network into a single infrastructure related uses low voltage DC power, is easy and safe to handle.

Architectural Dimming

Luminaire level control for Dimming, Scheduling, Occupancy & Daylight Control Helps in Individual Level Metering and Spacing Optimization.

Remote Management

Smart & Connected lighting systems can be seamlessly integrated with building management systems and have a customized GUI for ease in operation and control using touch panels.

Daylight Sensors

Personalised Lighting for enhanced comfort with Individual Luminaire Level controls for intensity and colour.

IT Integration
Truly Networked Solution, which can connect to IOT Network, Secure Network, Broader Building Automation Initiatives (HVAC, Security, Access) Enables for the common language of things to communicate over the cap
System Functionality
The heart of smart and connected lighting.
Wipro’s Power over Ethernet (PoE) Based Solutions
Wipro Lighting unique Wipro’s Power over Ethernet (PoE) based solutions LED lighting technology enables customizable environments and is best suited for modern workspaces, data centres, retail, education & healthcare segments.
Provides options in both distributed & centralised architectures, allowing the flexibility to either mount the related switches in the ceiling or in an IDF/ electrical panel room.
Wipro- Cisco Partnership
Wipro intelligent lighting control system
Wipro Lighting collaborates with Cisco on Smart Lighting Solutions for Modern Workspaces
Bangalore, India, November 21, 2017: Wipro Lighting, the market leader in LED Lighting Solutions today announced that it has become a Cisco Digital Building Solutions provider for connecting lighting. This collaboration brings together Wipro’s industry leading Smart & Connected Lighting systems and Cisco® Digital Building Solutions that link various building services through a single, converged IP network. This will enable Wipro Lighting to simplify the convergence of its lighting solutions with building automation systems over IP without compromising lighting efficiency, maintenance, product life and security.