What are Pendant Lights and its Advantages

Pendant lighting is a fantastic way to achieve that contemporary, modern and stylish look within any workspace. From providing a unique atmosphere to any space, to offering a focus on typically one thing, Pendant Lighting does it all. Also, Pendant lights provide uniform light distribution, drive performance and enhance productivity.

How to Select the Right Pendant Light for Your Office

The modern-age workspaces are more than just chair and desk. Proper lighting plays a significant role in promoting ease and comfort in the environment. On the other hand, improper lighting can cause conditions like a headache, migraine and more. Modern Pendant Lights help create a pleasant and comfortable environment that does not distract the employees from work. Everything from the proportion of the space, to the color of the walls, finish, and shape of the light fixture should be kept in mind when installing LED pendant lights.

How High Should You Position Your Pendant Light

Pendant lights or hanging lights are extremely versatile in nature and can be easily hung in any space. However, the thumb rule says that any pendant light should be hung at least 30 inches above the work area so that it does not become an obstruction for people working around in that area.

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  • Pendant Luminaires:Pie LED

    Pie LED


    Linear suspended Up-down light LED luminaire

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  • Pendant Luminaires:Axeon LED

    Axeon LED


    Suspended Linear Lighting for changing Times

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  • Pendant Luminaires:Capsule LED

    Capsule LED


    Surface/Pendant mounted totally enclosed LED luminaire

  • Pendant Luminaires:Aslimline LED

    Aslimline LED


    Edge Lit Up-Down suspended luminaire

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    Product Name Product Code Description Wattage
    Pie LEDLM78 | LM78-PieLED

    Linear suspended Up-down light LED luminaire

    Axeon LEDLM34 | LM34-AxeonLED

    Suspended Linear Lighting for changing Times

    Capsule LEDLE20 | LE20-491-XXX-57-XX

    Surface/Pendant mounted totally enclosed LED luminaire

    Aslimline LEDLM77 | LM77-AslimlineLED

    Edge Lit Up-Down suspended luminaire


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    Case Studies

    • Wipro Technologies

      Wipro Technologies' new age facility in Hinjewadi, Pune is equipped with state-of-the-art lighting systems and effectively combines the latest Energy Management Systems (EMS). These lighting systems not only facilitate comfortable work environments, but also ensure minimum energy consumption at all costs. The Managed Lighting Systems installed switch on and off, dim or brighten according to occupancy and ambient lighting present that ensures judicial use of energy, while not compromising on employee comfort.

    • Cipla - Vikroli

      Cipla was looking for energy-efficient lighting solutions for their office building along with electricity savings, without compromising on their staff’s convenience and comfort. The lighting solutions offered by Wipro were intelligent, efficient, cost-effective, user-friendly and reliable.

    • Bangalore Elevated Tollway Limited (BETL)

      The Bangalore Elevated Tollway Limited (BETL) is an 11.5 Km long express way that required different areas to be illuminated as per NHAI requirements. Wipro proposed the use of high performance street lights and specially developed under carriage luminaires with vibration dampeners to achieve design results.

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