So much of our lives are now being spent in the great outdoors. And there are so many spaces that we could easily overlook. Streets, pathways, walkways and by-lanes all comprise outdoor spaces, and with the right kind of lighting, not only can you bring vibrancy to the streets, but you can also be sure to maintain order and safety well into the wee hours of the night. Explore our range of outdoor lighting products, right from street lights and floodlights to high mast and poles; all to help you illuminate outdoor spaces correctly and efficiently!

Outdoor Lighting and Security
At Wipro Lighting, we believe in developing state-of-the-art outdoor LED lighting solutions that enhance the lives of people. With an aim to provide innovative lighting systems that strengthen the livability and connectivity of our outdoor milieu, Wipro is enthusiastically doing the needful for the social responsibility. 

How LEDs help conserve energy
LED luminaires are the most competent lighting solutions available in the market today. Our entire range of LED flood lights have a high lumen output and produce more light per wattage of power used. LED flood lights by Wipro can save up to 55% of energy and reduce operational costs significantly. This ensures better illumination and less usage of power. 

Why buy from Wipro Lighting?
At Wipro Lighting, we offer an extensive range of landscape lighting solutions that are not only energy efficient but are noted for their superior performance. Landscape lighting aims at making the streets, pathways, walkways, gardens, and by-lanes effectively lit, thus making them more secure. Not only we aim at making the environment safe, but landscape lighting can enhance the aesthetics and increase the value of the locality.

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