Landscape Lighting - Overview

Landscape lighting is more than just illuminating outdoors; it is about putting the heart out in your surroundings to suit it. At Wipro Lighting, we provide a wide range of creative options curated for landscape lighting needs. We believe in enabling better environment, by providing luminaires that are aesthetic and leave no room for error.

Features and Benefits of LED Landscape Lighting

With more savings, exceptional light quality and enhanced architectural design, redefine the outdoors with garden lights from Wipro Lighting. Landscape lighting is becoming increasingly popular because they fulfill several paramount functions vis-à-vis safety, nighttime aesthetics, convenience, accessibility, and recreation. Our LED Garden Lights are designed with high efficacy LM80 compliant LEDs that use a high-efficiency translucence (HET) diffuser for consistent color and superior performance. Specially designed dissipation mechanism ensures effective thermal management for overnight use. It is time to make the outdoors even more beautiful with Spotlight LED from Wipro.

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  • Landscape Lighting:UrbanoLED Pathway

    UrbanoLED Pathway

    LP 05

    IP 66 LED pathway luminaire

  • Landscape Lighting:Formz LED

    Formz LED

    LS06 & LS26

    IP 20 and IP 65 non-integral flexible LED strip light

  • Landscape Lighting:Gardenia LED

    Gardenia LED


    IP 67 integral LED bushlight

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  • Landscape Lighting:Post Top LED
  • Landscape Lighting:Fantasy LED Bollard

    Fantasy LED Bollard


    LED Bollard light suitable for landscape lighting

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    Product Name Product Code Description Wattage
    UrbanoLED PathwayLP 05 | LP 05-UrbanoLED Pathway

    IP 66 LED pathway luminaire

    Formz LEDLS06 & LS26 | LS06 & LS26-FormzLED

    IP 20 and IP 65 non-integral flexible LED strip light

    Gardenia LEDLF05 | LF05-GardeniaLED

    IP 67 integral LED bushlight

    Post Top LEDLP02 | LP02-Post Top LED45
    Fantasy LED BollardCRLA11 | CRLA11-Fantasy LED Bollard

    LED Bollard light suitable for landscape lighting


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    Case Studies

    • Wipro Technologies

      Wipro Technologies' new age facility in Hinjewadi, Pune is equipped with state-of-the-art lighting systems and effectively combines the latest Energy Management Systems (EMS). These lighting systems not only facilitate comfortable work environments, but also ensure minimum energy consumption at all costs. The Managed Lighting Systems installed switch on and off, dim or brighten according to occupancy and ambient lighting present that ensures judicial use of energy, while not compromising on employee comfort.

    • Cipla - Vikroli

      Cipla was looking for energy-efficient lighting solutions for their office building along with electricity savings, without compromising on their staff’s convenience and comfort. The lighting solutions offered by Wipro were intelligent, efficient, cost-effective, user-friendly and reliable.

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