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July 30, 2021
4 reasons why you should keep a tab on your electrical fittings

It is vital to inspect the electrical fittings on a regular basis and check the number of appliances in the office or home that can support them, especially if one stays in an old building. For instance, LED lighting, switches, MCBs, RCCBs need to be tested for their optimal output and efficiency. Regular checks and measures can help spot any potential damages, defects, and non-compliance with safety measures.  When quickly addressed, this aid in avoiding accidents and fatalities.

 Here are some other reasons why one should examine the electrical fittings on regular basis:

 1) It helps minimize the risk of injury during product use

When one conducts an electrical safety test, it provides insight into whether or not the product is safely designed. This way one can reduce or avoid the risk of the product being the reason behind the damage or injury to people or property. Therefore, the product must be designed and produced in a way that a potentially dangerous condition, in which an internal/external event that may result in damage should not arise. 

Safety instructions address hazards that may lead to injury or damage as a result of electrical shock, fire, heat, mechanical conditions, energy discharge (for instance, crushing, moving part, sharp edges) or chemical conditions.

2) Helps save appliance during the surge, fire and shock

Damage to appliances can be caused by surges, fires, and shocks which can harm the company financially and delay the work. But, with timely inspection, these mishaps can be avoided.


Electrical surges are common during bad weather. They can ruin office appliances, cause short circuits and damage switches and sockets. However, with regular inspection, this problem can be identified earlier and resolved on time.


The electrical short circuit is the most common reason behind building fires. However, with the help of timely inspection, one can avoid the impending mishaps due to loose wiring in meters or in cabling.


Shocks may lead to injuries and casualties. They may hamper the performance of LED lighting and other appliances, partially or sometimes completely. With the help of a thorough inspection, one can identify the faults and safeguard themselves from accidents and risks.

3) This leads to a better technical documentation

The results of the electrical safety test are typically recorded in a report. The technical report must be available for inspection by authorities while the product is still available for sale and years after that. A crucial part of an electrical safety inspection is a design documentation review. More often than not, far less than half of the testing period is spent actually performing tests.

For this reason, commercial lighting manufacturers always find that their report significantly improves when they perform electrical safety tests.

Bottom Line

Electrical components are some of the most important and intricate systems. One needs to have proper training to troubleshoot, repair, and maintain systems and equipment that supply electricity to buildings. Although maintenance can be done by the manager of the building, it is better if it is handled by someone who has experience and completed electrical maintenance training.

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