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April 25, 2022

Axeon Plus Range of Linear Lighting: Best Lighting Option for Workspaces by Wipro Lighting

In the past few years, there have been continuous modifications and improvements in modern workplaces. In making the organizations more lively and productive, lighting has played a crucial role. From old fluorescent lights to hi-tech wireless luminaires, lighting requirements have come a long way, and still, the scope of advancements is high. 

In the whole journey of modern workspace lighting upgradation, Wipro Lighting has given a huge contribution to the lighting industry. To illuminate the wider and bigger workspaces, and contemporary open office architecture, we have introduced up-down linear lighting ‘Axeon+’. This luminaire is way more different than a typical square grid lighting system.

Its energy-efficient LEDs and appealing features make it the best-in-class LED lighting solution designed to meet ongoing market requirements. Furthermore, there are a variety of features that makes this luminaire a perfect choice for contemporary LED office lighting fixtures.

Unique features of Axeon+ by Wipro Lighting

Extremely sleek and perfect for urban architecture

Axeon+ is designed to provide an uncluttered and clean look to the ceiling. This luminaire comes with a highly sleek profile whose thickness measures 50mm which reinvents the workplace creating an uninterrupted linear look. This commercial lighting fixture is available in 4’ and 8’ which give users the flexibility to select the luminaire according to their requirements and workplace architecture. As this luminaire blends well with modern architecture, it adds value in each aspect.

Linear & continuous connectivity, easy to install and maintain

This luminaire comes with linear and end-to-end continuous row installation that results in premium quality lumination. It is an ideal option for lighting the workplace to give it a more lively vibe. Axeon+ is thoughtfully designed to give optimum results as it is a well-engineered product. Furthermore, this product is easy to install and maintain too. This LED office lighting fixture has claw-shaped clamps that come with adjustable suspension that provides stability to the product.  Also, maintaining this luminaire is easy, its accessibility allows quicker maintenance without causing any disturbance to the luminaire and its linear alignment.

Uniform lighting distribution

One of the highly beneficial features of the Wipro AexonLED luminaire is even and uniform lighting distribution. It has a special High-Efficiency Translucent (HET) diffuser that gives wider and uniform light distribution with the option of choosing up-to-down lumination. Hence, this suspended light for the office makes the place well-lit and productive.

Not to mention, Axeon+ offers low UGR to provide glare-free lighting via Prismatic Diffuser and Cross louvres. So, offices can be illuminated uniformly without glare to put a strain on the eyes or cause any vision problems.

Highly efficient lighting

When it comes to lighting the workplace, one thing that everyone considers is the efficiency of the luminaire and Axeon+ light perfectly fulfills this user expectation too. This excellent luminaire is designed with low power and highly-efficient LEDs that saves around 50% of energy cost. It also meets the requirement of a long-lasting and high-quality luminaire.

Wrap up

Whether planning to revamp the office outlook or start the designing process from scratch, it is clear that AexonLED by Wipro Lighting is one of the best lumination options for contemporary workplaces.  So, without wasting the time and getting confused by looking for other options, it is recommended to install this amazing luminaire in the workplace.

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