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July 9, 2019

3 Ways Office Lights can affect Employee Performance

It is a well acclaimed fact that the surrounding environment can substantially affect an employee’s performance at a workplace. Indoor temperatures, wall paint, usable furniture, etc. are some of the vital environmental aspects that are proven to alter the mood of the employees throughout the day. According to experts, lighting is another significant factor which can have a profound effect on an employee’s working attitude. 

Furthermore, it has been scientifically proven that workplace lighting holds the capability of altering the work rate of the employees. It also leverages psychological effects that determine the efficiency, creativity and mood of the employees.  

Here are 3 ways office lights can affect employee performance: 


A stressed mind is the ultimate nemesis of productivity. Luckily, humans share a tendency to cope up with stress by emitting the stress hormone (cortisol) that normalizes their responses. However, inappropriate artificial lighting in an office space reduces the cortisol levels in humans as they are deprived of the natural stress cure (light). Thus, many office spaces are now using the best-in-class LED lighting solutions in order to help their employees with stress management. 


Humans are dependent on natural light for completing a variety of tasks. Change of light during the day can initiate a profound effect on our eyesight as well as behavior. According to lighting experts, there is a strong link between light and circadian rhythms (built-in clocks). Hence, if the office lighting is not able to emulate natural light properly, it can make employees feel sleepy and lethargic. In such a scenario, installation of smart lightings solutions like human centric lighting can play a key role in improving the alertness as well as productivity levels of the employees.


Science strongly backs the fact that harsh and bright lights can damage the productivity levels of the employees while making them feel depressed and stressed out. This is one of the most common problems faced in office spaces as concerned authorities limit themselves from investing in the right lighting solutions. This problem can further make employees feel disinterested in their work that can ultimately hamper their performance. 

Office lighting is often overlooked when it comes to employee productivity. However, it can play a significant role in improving the concentration and productivity levels of the employees. In fact, the top LED lighting manufacturers believe that the installation of smart lighting solutions like Wipro’s inSync™ can not only boost the performance of the employees but also greatly benefit their health. It works in harmony with earth’s natural lighting cycle and can be programmed to emulate daylight in office spaces.

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