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September 20, 2019

LED buyer’s guide: Surface Mounted Luminaires

Surface-mounted luminaires are a stylish aesthetical addition to a commercial space’s décor. According to the leading LED lighting manufacturers, these lights have emerged as a staple interior design element and gained massive popularity in recent years. They offer uniform illumination, encourage cost efficiency, and enhance the overall vibe of the space simultaneously. 

Furthermore, these luminaires are easily available in various sizes, styles and designs. They are leveraged with multiple benefits apart from aesthetics, which makes them suitable for a variety of places like restaurants, hospitals, hotels, offices, etc.

Aspects to consider before buying Surface Mounted Luminaires

Here are some important points you should keep in mind before buying surface-mounted luminaires:

Choose an appropriate mount type

Surface mounted luminaires are available in different designs and mount styles. This not only provides people with a variety of options but also encourages flexible and easy installation. For instance, Ceiling mounted lights are one of the most popular mount styles used in commercial spaces. As the name suggests, these lights are directly mounted on the ceilings to ensure uniform illumination all over the space. Aura Plus and Immaculate LED are some of the best ceiling mounted luminaries for commercial spaces.     

Wall mounted lights and track mounted lights are some of the other types of lights available in the market. While wall mounted lights serve the general lighting purpose efficiently, track mounted lights are best suited for places like art galleries, showrooms, etc. 

Look for Optics

According to the top LED light manufacturers in India, optics is one of the most essential components of surface-mounted luminaires. It modifies the light emitted from the diode by either adjusting the beam or softening the glare.

Provide attention to the build quality

Aluminium is one of the most used materials in the LED light manufacturing domain. Since the material is durable, light and paintable, almost 80% of the LED lighting manufacturers encourage its use. A variety of LED lights, including Vertica LED and Halo Plus from Wipro lighting are typically made from aluminium and come with superior finishing. However, people can also opt for more economical options like Aura Plus which is made from CRCA. 

Apart from the above-mentioned points, the top LED lighting experts also suggest people to look out for other features like IP rating, sensor compatibility, environmental performance, and light distribution before buying surface mounted luminaires.

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