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September 9, 2019

LED buyer’s guide: Downlights

LED Downlights are one of the most popular lighting fixtures that provide functional ambient lighting throughout the commercial spaces. These lights serve as the foundation of an efficient lighting plan and are recognized as first-rate lighting solutions designed for a plethora of applications. They emit light in the downward direction and succeed in taking various lighting roles such as task and accent lighting.

Furthermore, these lights aesthetically complement other installed luminaires like spotlights, pendant lights, etc. in the space and are leveraged with various benefits with regard to practicality, flexibility, versatility, reliability, longevity, and energy (and cost) efficiency.

Aspects you need to consider before buying LED Downlights

Since every space is leveraged with varied requirements, it is important to select the right LED Downlights in order to improve the overall lighting around the space. Here are some parameters that can help you in buying the right LED downlights:

Brightness level

The brightness level of LEDs is the initial parameter that you need to focus on before selecting the Downlights. According to the leading LED lighting manufacturers, the brightness of LED lights is measured in lumens (not wattage). Though lumens and wattage are closely related, they don’t measure the same aspects. While lumen measures the total light output from the light source, wattage (W) determines the amount of energy consumed to produce a set amount of light output. For instance, Iris Slim Neo is one the best Wipro LED Downlights that delivers high lumen output while saving more than 50% of energy. 

Colour temperature

Colour temperature refers to as the colour characteristics i.e. warmness or coolness of the light. Scientifically measured in Kelvins (K), lights with lower Kelvin numbers (<4000K) produce warmer illumination while the lights with higher Kelvin numbers (>4000K) produce cooler illumination. According to LED lighting experts, colour temperature holds a strong influence on the space’s environment and an individual’s mood.


LED Downlights are available with two frame options i.e. gimbal and fixed. Gimbal frames allow users to adjust the direction of the light and are best suited for spaces that require task lighting. On the other hand, fixed frames emit light in a steady downward direction with an accurate and narrow beam. They are economical and can fulfil the general lighting requirements efficiently. 


Last but not the least, warranty is one of the key factors that you should consider before buying Downlights. Though LEDs have a long life and remain operational for almost 50,000 hours, you should only buy Downlights with maximum warranty. After all, all electrical appliances are prone to failure.

Apart from the above-mentioned parameters, the leading LED lighting manufacturers also suggest people to consider other factors like IP rating, dimming features, build quality, beam angle, etc. before buying LED Downlights.

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