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October 31, 2022

Solas: An Advanced Downlight for Commercial Space

Recessed or downlights are the key components of an optimised office lighting system. They add a touch of sophistication, elegance, and modernity to the workspace. 

When accompanied by LEDs, these lighting options can result in huge cost and energy savings with a longer lifespan and sustainability. 

Furthermore, these luminaires are seamlessly installed into the ceilings to shine down on the space brightly. From waiting areas to conference rooms, and primary workstations, businesses consider LED downlights to draw attention to the focal point and add visual interest to the workspace. 

This makes downlighters one of the good choices available in the market to incorporate into an indoor lighting system. Solas from Wipro Lighting is also a recessed downlight aiming to deliver the best LED illumination with the latest technology to reduce the carbon footprint within the office premises.

Regular downlights have trims which fall flat against the ceiling to allow better aiming of lights and provide sufficient luminosity.

However, modern LED lighting like Solas are trimless which makes them aesthetically pleasing to the eye and contributes to improving the ambience of the space overall. 

Here we have covered some benefits, features and specifications of Solas to help you avail maximum advantages of the revolutionising lighting technology to the fullest. 

Impeccable benefits of Solas Downlight

Solas is the most elegant downlight having numerous benefits to offer.

Some of them include:

  • It is versatile and can be installed in different types of ceiling systems.
  • This light features low-glare optics to aid clear visibility without straining the eyes.
  • It has a simple yet appealing design.
  • The luminaire is trimless. 
  • Its 80 CRI ensures true colour rendering. 
  • It has a long service life of up to 50,000 hours.
  • It is eco-friendly and equipped with best-in-class LED.

These benefits make Solas an outstanding downlight to work efficiently and provide uniform luminosity throughout the space. 

Technical specifications of Solas Downlight

Solas is equipped with state-of-the-art design and technology. Furthermore, this modern LED lighting has some promising technical specifications, paused by lighting professionals to integrate into offices, be it big or small.

Mentioned below are certain technical aspects of Solas which make it a worthy investment:

  • Solas comes with a white-coloured die-cast aluminium front ring and black-colour coated heatsink powder.
  • It is a deep inset COB along with high-efficiency reflector optic beam angles- 24/36 and a clear diffuser.
  • The luminaire has a pre wired driver. 
  • It is tested and designed after several quality checks for easy installation, working and sturdiness with metal mounting clips. 

Apart from the above-mentioned specifications, Solas also complies with IS 10322 part 5/Sec 2 2012. 

We have introduced Solas keeping in mind efficient workspace optimisation without compromising the space’s architectural design and ambience. It is a simple downlighter with powerful technical updates to revamp a workplace lighting system into a more sustainable, cost-effective and energy-efficient one. 

To know more about Solas and its electrical data & installation details, explore our products or simply click here. 

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