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November 30, 2022

Transform your Workspace with Aqua LED by Wipro Lighting

You may sometimes overlook it, but lighting is one of the most crucial components in interior design. Proper illumination can totally alter a design and manipulate your perceptions of space. 

Believe it or not, “light has the power to recreate unique sensations and experiences, much more than furniture or an accessory can." Experts also claim that illumination is a vital aspect of interior design and that it must be worked on from the beginning of a project. 

Now, various types of LEDs are manufactured by different lighting companies to help commercial and industrial spaces redefine their locations inside out while providing employees and other customers with optimum safety and comfort. 

To help embrace creativity, intelligence, and aesthetics of the working environment, Wipro lighting launched Aqua LED, a rapid pace, “CleanLine" linear LED suspended ceiling light to add streamlined drama in the most significant way. Read on to get better insights on the same.

Must Know Features and Specifications of Aqua LED

Aqua LED is specifically made for indoor lighting systems of a workspace. It is an ever-green LED that reaches horizontally to easily brighten the ceilings uniformly. Furthermore, this curved luminaire is suitable for translating an architect's design intent. 

Here are the technical specifications and features of Aqua LED to look at:

  • Enhances the ambience of a building and the quality of life of its occupants by emphasising the aesthetic qualities and distinguishing aspects of architectural constructions.
  • Design that is flexible, has a modular structure and conceals any hardware on the outside.
  • Lightweight and corrosion-free, ideal for modern interiors.
  • These lights are large statement pieces with sculptural shapes and linear sensibilities.
  • Utilizing linear light to produce visual effects, architects can discreetly emphasise exquisite architectural elements.
  • Aqua LED can be mounted easily.
  • The suspension height is adjustable.
  • Design that is flexible, has a modular structure and conceals any hardware on the outside.
  • Lightweight and corrosion-free, ideal for modern interiors.
  • Extruded aluminium housing that is white or black and has endcaps that are plastic-engineered moulded.
  • Unique bendable translucent silicon diffuser.
  • Jointers can be used to build clusters, and the finished product has a tidy appearance.

These lights are huge statement pieces for any commercial area, especially meeting or waiting rooms,  because of their linear sensibilities and modelled designs. Not to mention, they are simple to install and have adjustable height suspension, which improves the location's appeal. The Aqua collection from Wipro Lighting is the ideal balance of elegance and sophistication for contemporary environments since it has a flexible design, changeable shapes, and no visible hardware. This is a wonderful example of the fluid designs and modern LED lighting intent that architects are seeking for.

For more details and in-depth knowledge, you can always explore the website or contact our executives for personal guidance and support. 

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