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December 4, 2020

Why Wipro’s PoE-based lighting solution is a great investment?

Power over Ethernet, also known as PoE, is a smart lighting solution that uses ethernet cables for powering LED luminaires installed in a space. It is typically connected to a control software or control system, and ethernet cables allow the transmission of data between the system and LED luminaires. PoE is a lighting technology that comprehends the needs and requirements of the working culture in today’s technologically-advanced world. Wipro Lighting’s unique Power over Ethernet lighting solution is a perfect fit for modern workspaces, retail, data centers, education, as well as healthcare segments.

Here are some benefits and characteristics of Wipro’s PoE-based lighting solution:

1. Made for comfort and performance

A smart lighting solution that combines world-class LED luminaires with analog and digital controls for ensuring the right and most appropriate lighting effect, wherever needed. It also enables the office management to acquire real-time updates on the lighting system’s status and operations. This further helps in monitoring the performance of lighting distribution in the space. Moreover, it comprises of individual luminaire level controls that allow users to personalize lighting by controlling the intensity and colour.

2. Ensures significant savings on energy

Wipro’s PoE lighting solution comprehends significant energy savings. Interestingly, it can benefit commercial spaces with more than 65% savings with energy and space optimization. Moreover, it also lowers down the cost of maintenance and increases the efficiency of LED lights by almost 15%.

3. Equipped with remote management capabilities

This new-age smart and connected lighting solution can be integrated effortlessly with the building’s management system. It also comprises of a customized GUI for ensuring easy operation and control.

4. Assists in space optimization

It comprises of luminaire level controls and powers the lighting solution with dimming, scheduling, occupancy, and daylight control capabilities. This also assists in individual level metering and space optimization.

It is a truly networked solution that can be connected easily to the space’s IoT networks, secure networks broader, and building automation initiatives like HVAC, security, and access. Moreover, it converges electrical and communication networks into a single infrastructure and uses low-voltage DC power. Thus, it is safe and easy to use.

Wipro Lighting’s Power over Ethernet based lighting solution is designed to promote employee comfort, productivity, and safety. Moreover, it allows users to gather historical data and analysis, which can be further used to derive conclusions, improve operations, and refine experiences.

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