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April 3, 2023

All You Need to Know About Wipro Smart Outdoor Lighting Solutions

The lighting industry has rapidly evolved in the last few years. The idea of innovating lighting techniques and solutions is now directed toward enhancing efficiency and ease of operation. Unlike earlier times, when the purpose of luminaires was mere illumination, technological advancements have enabled professionals to design commercial lighting fixtures that improve the user experience.

Smart lighting technology is one such breakthrough innovation that has leveled up the way indoor and outdoor areas can be optimally lit. These solutions provide users with the advantage of extended control over luminaires while also being highly versatile.

Leveraging technology at its best, Wipro Lighting offers smart outdoor lighting solutions suitable to create well-lit urban environments, playing a pivotal role in the development of smart cities. Not only are these solutions well-suited to creating connected and integrated outdoor spaces, but they also help minimize energy consumption.

Exploring the Smart Lighting Portfolio from Wipro

Smart lighting solutions are about remotely handling and managing the lighting of space by utilizing sensors and other equipment that can communicate through a server. These solutions integrate advanced technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, wireless controls, and data analytics to optimize energy consumption, improve maintenance processes, and enhance the user experience.

Wipro provides outdoor sensor lights, including streetlights and poles, that allow for connected and sustainable lighting design. Let’s explore them.

1. Stand-alone systems

Smart stand-alone lighting systems by Wipro Lighting are designed to achieve smart streetlight functionality that can be programmed using a smartphone. These streetlights are capable of automatically turning on and off according to the astronomical clock. This, in turn, ensures high energy savings and a longer service life for the luminaire.

2. Group control monitoring systems (GCMS)

GCMS is a web-based central management system that provides easy access to control lighting fixtures. It offers features like proactive maintenance, performance tracking, and scheduling based on the ON/OFF status of the installed luminaires. The system helps reduce downtime for lighting fixtures and repair costs.

3. Individual-level control and monitoring system (CCMS)

The system utilizes wireless technology to enable unparalleled monitoring capabilities of the lighting fixtures. The system allows each luminaire to operate independently with the help of a controller. The system is suitable for non-linear activity areas such as warehouses, parks, parking lots, etc.

4. Smart pole

The Shuffle smart pole by Wipro Lighting is an interactive and efficient lighting solution. It is a key element in smart outdoor infrastructure, enabling the integration of facilities including CCTV, smart screens, weather sensors, etc.

The above-mentioned are some of the advanced LED lighting solutions that play a key role in designing a smart and connected outdoor environment. These can be integrated into wide areas of application, such as smart factories, smart campuses, smart cities, townships, etc.

Undoubtedly, smart outdoor lighting solutions offer a comprehensive range of features and benefits that enhance the efficiency, functionality, and sustainability of outdoor lighting systems. From controlling the dimming operations of the luminaires to monitoring proactive fault detection, smart lighting solutions by Wipro are worth investing in.