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Spread the Light (6 experts x 6 young professionals)

Date: October 23, 2019 to October 26, 2019
Spread the Light (6 experts X 6 young professionals)
Spread the Light (6 experts X 6 young professionals)
Venue : Rotterdam, Netherlands
Presented by Wipro Lighting, this STIR initiative with PLDC, curated by Linus Lopez, is a series of conversations between internationally reputed lighting designers.

STIR at the 8th Professional Lighting Design Convention (PLDC 2019) brought forth an enlightening mélange of all things illuminated – from natural to artificial lighting and everything in between.

Lighting conferences are wonderful places of sharing and learning. However, the attendance is predominantly lighting designers. Furthermore, the presentation system is one-sided, necessarily, but sometimes additional follow-up questions are not always possible, and the one-on-one Q&A is not available to everybody.

Presented by Wipro Lighting, Spread the Light is a series of discussions between experts and young professionals in the lighting industry, attending the PLDC at Rotterdam this year. Curated by eminent lighting designer, Linus Lopez, of Lirio Lopez Electrical + Lighting Design Consultants, these conversations are intended to be shared for the benefit of the design community at large. The designers also address some of the profession’s current and future challenges, as well as designer specific issues about personal accomplishments and designs.

Watch this space to find out how each of the designer-duos interacted, expressing their experiences from the lighting industry, the importance of light in various facets of life, the role of lighting designers in the design world, and what they would like to STIR up in the future.

Light & Art
First conversation in series depicts how Light can connect with various facets of our daily lives and bring out real-life experiences for real people.

Source credit: https://www.stirworld.com/inspire-people-spread-the-light

Light and the City
Geographies play a major role in how traditionally natural light has been perceived and predilected by cultures. Read on to know how cultures, cities and locations have designed their architectures based on the amount and nature of natural light available in their regions.

Source credit: https://www.stirworld.com/inspire-people-spread-the-light-light-and-the-city

Lighting is more than creativity. It needs to take account of the social space as well, apart from the light space. Functional parameters as to how a place is utilized plays a major role in deciding how people will react to the direction of light and colour temperature. Watch more to understand the effect lighting has on people.

Source credit: https://www.stirworld.com/inspire-people-spread-the-light