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Payback Calculator

Compared to any alternative lighting technology
Payback Calculator
Payback Calculator
Lighting Payback Calculator
LED Lighting delivers significant savings in any application. No need to take our word for it –
you do the math.
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PayBack Column Base Product Associated Product
General Information - -
Total No of lamps in T8 channel/LED's per luminaire - 1
Total no of lamps in T8 Industrial channel/LED's in the System - -
Total power comsumption per luminaire in W - -
Total power comsumption in system in KW - - -
Average Life of Lamp - -
Capital Cost
Cost of luminaires with lamps in Rs - -
Total supply cost of system in Rs - -
Installation cost per luminaire in Rs -
Total installation cost of system in Rs - -
Total supply + Installation cost in Rs - -
Operating Energy Cost
Total usage of system per annum in hours - -
Total energy consumption per annum in KWH - -
Total electricity charges per annum for system in Rs - -
Total operating cost in Rs per annum - -
Lamps and Gear Replacement Cost
Number of lamps to be replaced - 0
Cost of lamp replacement - 0
Number of gears to be replaced per annum - 0
Cost of Gear replacement - 0
System Analysis
Total replacement & operating cost in Rs. - -
Total additional initial investment for LED in Rs (Total Cash Out-flow) -
Total savings in replacement & operating cost using LED in Rs (Cash In-Flow) -
Pay back in Months -