Commercial Recessed Luminaries

The environment in our workspace dictates our productivity, and it is imperative to have adequate illumination for employees to function better. Our LED luminaires are highly practical, multi-functional and visually pleasing lighting solutions that blend well with modern design schemes. Commercial LED luminaires are best suited for corporate offices, banks, and healthcare facilities.

Advantages of Recessed Lights

Our recessed lighting fits attractively into all kinds of ceilings and can be utilized for commercial, office, and retail spaces. Recessed luminaires offer the opportunity to transform your workplace into something extraordinary while taking care of your illuminating needs. Using recessed lighting can accentuate cabins and workstations, highlight artwork, create dramatic shadows, and give the workplace a clean, sophisticated and well-lit look.

How to choose the right Recessed Light

At Wipro, we design LED recessed lighting through extensive research and development. Our LED recessed lighting carry an innovative design and provide excellent visual comfort. The high-efficiency luminaires ensure up to 60% of energy savings and have a long service life. VERGE LED, one of our premier LED recessed lighting won the prestigious Red Dot Award, and it speaks volumes about our success in commercial lighting solutions.

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Canopy LuminaireLH14-102-XXX-57-XX | LH14-102-XXX-57-XX

Recess mounted canopy luminaire


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Case Studies

  • Wipro Technologies

    Wipro Technologies' new age facility in Hinjewadi, Pune is equipped with state-of-the-art lighting systems and effectively combines the latest Energy Management Systems (EMS). These lighting systems not only facilitate comfortable work environments, but also ensure minimum energy consumption at all costs. The Managed Lighting Systems installed switch on and off, dim or brighten according to occupancy and ambient lighting present that ensures judicial use of energy, while not compromising on employee comfort.

  • Cipla - Vikroli

    Cipla was looking for energy-efficient lighting solutions for their office building along with electricity savings, without compromising on their staff’s convenience and comfort. The lighting solutions offered by Wipro were intelligent, efficient, cost-effective, user-friendly and reliable.

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