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Transport Infrastructure

Ensuring public comfort and safety, the smart way
Transport Infrastructure
Transport Infrastructure
Outdoor Lighting
For bigger infrastructure projects, it is imperative to pay attention rising operational costs and energy efficiency.

Wipro’s smart & connected lighting solutions provide for effective space management and utilization, enables system integration with performance tracking and study of analytics for system improvisation in transport infrastructure projects.

Metro Infrastructure Lighting

Lighting performs a dual task while illuminating, especially in busy places like metro stations. It has to be precise and functional, along with creating impressive environments. On Platforms, focus is on passenger on/off boarding. This area must be uniformly lit under all circumstances for passenger safety and security. Ticketing area should be well-illuminated to facilitate ease of transactions across all age-groups. Escalators are more prone to accidents. Lighting at the escalators should take care of passengers’ safety and safe transit. Concourse area in a metro station facilitates free movements of passengers along with their luggage. This area should be properly lit to enable safe transit.

Airport Infrastructure Lighting

 The Airport illumination has to take into account multiple factors. We have to ensure correct lux levels, operational efficiency, safety and emergency aspect addressed, uniformity and many other factors. Lux level requirement for the terminals range from 150 lux – 300 lux and often slightly higher in some areas from security perspective. The areas include check-in counters, information desks, departure lounges and Waiting Area, Baggage Reclaim and handling, customs and immigration halls and concourse area.

Thus glare control alongwith optimum lux levels and uniform illumination also have to be taken care of.  Some minor challenges like ceiling heights, luminaire mounting constraints etc. which can be addressed by the latest efficiency levels of LED luminaires and optics.

Through its platform of Internet of Lighting (IoL)TM , Wipro can offer solutions to enable a good experience for the passengers. With our Smart and Connected range of products we can create an environment ideal for passengers in the various zones inside and outside the airports or metro stations. Good illumination impacts the transport operations, security and brand of the airport or metro station.

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Our Transport Infrastructure Lighting Products

2 Options in Transport Infrastructure
Xline LED
LE 10
High-Bay & Mid-Bay Luminaires
Xline Pro LED (39W)
LE 14
High-Bay & Mid-Bay Luminaires
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