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February 3, 2021

All you need to know about Lux Levels

Are you planning to modify the lighting plan of your commercial premises? If yes, then it is essential to have a clear understanding of lux levels. Measuring the lux level is highly important when purchasing LED light bulbs for industrial and commercial environments. Using LED luminaires with appropriate lux levels will not only enhance the visibility of the space but will also help in completing jobs seamlessly. Before discussing the correct lux level requirements as per the industrial environment and tasks, let's understand what exactly the lux level is and how it is measured.

The standard unit for measuring the light level intensity is termed as LUX level. It is also known as illumination or illuminance. It calculates the intensity of light the falls on the surface like - floors or walls in the lighting design.

How to Calculate Lux Levels?

One lux is equal to one lumen per square meter, and they vary from lumens, which calculates the brightness of the source of light. Therefore, 1 LUX = 1 Lumen / m2

Enough light should be provided in the area so that people perform their tasks without any mishaps and hassles. But the light should not be so bright that it creates difficulties in seeing and doing intricate tasks. Excess lighting is equally harmful as under lighting. We need more light for performing detailed tasks like - stitching, drafting, etc., and general work like - eating, and walking can be done under nominal lighting conditions.

How Much Lux is Required for Commercial Lighting?

If you are looking for options for commercial luminaires, you need to consider the intensity of light depending on the space. The intensity of light will be different for a storeroom and a workshop. Low light levels do not affect the working in the storage space, while high illumination levels are required in the textile, electronic, and automobile, industries where detailed tasks are done. But, before choosing the number of LED luminaires needed in your commercial area, you need to understand the pointers below-mentioned.

  • In areas where we do tasks like reading, it is recommended to increase the LUX to 200.
  • In the office environment, where computer-based work is done, it is recommended to use 400-500 LUX. For the retail
  • environment, around 500 LUX is needed. In the workshop area where detailed work is done the recommended level is 500-700LUX.
  • For spaces like the operation theatre of the hospital, the LUX level should be around 1000.

Optima LED (40W) by Wipro lighting is the perfect luminaire for commercial purposes. It gives optimum lighting and saves energy too. It has a polycarbonate diffuser that provides high optical efficiency and distributes light uniformly. This Wipro commercial lighting solution meets the high lux level requirements of all types of industries.

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