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October 23, 2019

LED buyer’s guide: Pole Lights

A Pole light is an essential part of an outdoor street lighting system that illuminates the inadequately-lit roads in order to guide the vehicles. These lights ensure safety on the roads while considerably minimizing the risk of unfortunate situations and accidents.

The top commercial lighting manufacturers believe that street lights are engineered in a way to support multiple LED lights for optimal illumination of the area. Furthermore, LED pole lights have a multi-facet functionality as they can not only be used to illuminate the roads but also for the beautification of public and private properties. 

Parking lots, walkways, building grounds, gardens spaces, and landscape architecture are some of the key application areas of street pole lights. Thus, these lights are required to be strong, durable, resistant, and aesthetically pleasing. Here are some important points you should keep in mind before selecting the right pole lights:   

Pole height

Though light poles are available in variable sizes, concerned authorities are always directed to conduct a survey to determine the appropriate height of the pole for particular areas. This survey helps in the development of an efficient street lighting plan and furnishes additional information about the number of luminaires required for each pole, luminaire models, and the number of poles. Wipro Lighting is one of the best LED manufacturers in India that offers a wide range of street light poles with mounting heights ranging from 5 to 12 meters.

Type of mount

While planning, users or concerned authorities are required to select the type of mounts depending on the usage. Just like poles, mount is also a component of pole lights where lights are installed. Direct mount, slip fitter mount, adjustable mount and universal mount are some of the pole light mount types that are typically used in various application areas.

Wind Speed

Commercial LED pole lights are generally installed in outdoor areas and stand tall in natural occurrences like rains, heavy winds, storms, etc. Thus, it is vital to consult local authorities and collect relevant data with regard to the wind speeds at the sites. This data helps in the installation of correctly sized poles. 


In specific areas like coasts, commercial LED pole lights are prone to saltwater corrosion. Thus, it is important to use top-grade quality pole lights only. Concerned authorities can also take additional preventive measures with the application of special anti-corrosive coatings. 

Pole lights have undergone a lot of changes over the period of time. However, with the growing need of environment conservation and sustainability, it is extremely important to increase the use of renewable sources of energy and make them a viable solution for all. In such a scenario, LED solar lighting solutions can be an ideal energy-efficient choice in the long run.

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