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October 20, 2022

LED Ceiling Lights: Everything you Need to Know Before Making a Purchasing Decision

LED ceiling lights are a great option to illuminate almost every corner of your commercial space. Whether you want to highlight a particular object and area or looking for some optimised indoor LED lighting for waiting rooms, workstations, conference halls, etc., these lights can fit in all ceilings seamlessly. Not to mention, some lighting professionals use LED ceiling lights for basement illumination as well. 

No doubt, there are too many applications of LED ceiling luminaires to efficiently serve different lighting purposes.  To make that possible, lighting manufacturers of India produce distinct modern LED lighting options to easily install in low to high ceilings respectively.

From flush luminaires and recessed lighting to high bay luminaires, they manufacture a variety of lighting solutions to suit the different illumination needs of the space accordingly. 

But, what are LED ceiling lights and how do they work their charm? Through this write-up, we aim to highlight the answers to these questions briefly. 

First things first, What are LED ceiling lights?

As their name implies, LED ceiling luminaires are typically installed on building ceilings.  The luminous body creates many shapes, patterns, and sizes that all perform the same function.

These types of lighting sources can be used in support of different power supplies and casings. Furthermore, the installation and setup of LED ceiling lights are quite simple and don't require any additional skills. 

Besides, the design and compactness are the key aspects of optimised LED ceiling lights to enhance the beauty of the space. 

Different types of LED ceiling lights

Utility- LED indirect, pendants, inverted pendants, chandeliers, track and rail fixtures, etc., are categorised as some utility luminaires to help perform day-to-day tasks efficiently. These products will be perfect for use in workshops because they use less energy and illuminate more radiance. 

Recessed or surface lights- These luminaires draw attention by combining an eyeball trim, which improves the task illumination of the desk. Hence, many employers integrate indoor recessed lighting solutions into their primary workstations to get focused illumination for increasing the performance of employees. Furthermore, some also incorporate these luminaires in basements as they fit well in low-ceiling areas. 

Flush fixtures- Small flush fixtures come in handy when illuminating washrooms and cafeterias of the workspace. For large flush installations, areas like parking lots or garden settings. 

Semi-flush fixtures- These are one of the most well-known light fixtures that normally hang downward from the ceiling and give the room a colourful appearance. The products’ advantage is that they require minimal maintenance and can be rapidly replaced and installed. 

Where to buy LED ceiling lights?

After understanding the key aspects of LED ceiling lights, the next step is to know where to purchase such luminaries hassle-free. 

Wipro Lighting is one of the best lighting manufacturers in India producing various kinds of LED ceiling lights. We have a wide range of lighting products to cater to the distinct needs of buyers. 

Our Glitz LED, Mollis, and Verge are some of the top lighting solutions to easily install in the workspaces and convert them into a more sustainable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective commercial space. 

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