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December 5, 2022

Everything You Need to Know about PoE Smart Lighting Solutions

Today, lighting is one of the most significant aspects of designing a facility. From residential spaces to industrial and commercial buildings, a proper outdoor and indoor lighting system is necessary to avoid mishaps, provide clear visibility, and create a refreshing and motivating environment for occupants. 

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a powerful advancement in lighting technology. It is adept at providing clear and sustainable illumination while running on low-voltage cabling. If you are seeking to invest in a long-lasting and smart lighting control and solution, PoE can be an efficient choice.

Let’s have a closer look at what this beast is and what it can offer to revamp your office space.

What is PoE?

Modern LED lighting connects, monitors, and controls LED light fixtures used in smart building systems using Power over Ethernet technology. Smart PoE lighting helps facility owners achieve wellness and environmental goals by cutting installation and operating expenses by more than half. 

Furthermore, PoE-powered luminaries use the power of Ethernet to operate fixtures smoothly and help transmit data to the control software. This leads to the effortless working of motion sensors and conserves energy for the betterment of the economy.

Working and Benefits of PoE

To produce the required lighting effects for your surroundings, PoE lighting combines LED luminaries with digital controllers. Smart lighting can be configured for various uses across your space and is managed by software. With options for on/off, dimming, colour tuning, emergency lighting, and interaction with HVAC and BMS systems, PoE systems are particularly effective at managing every single light spot in space. Here are the briefly explained benefits of PoE lighting technology for better understanding:

1. Adaptability and Command

Individual devices can be detached, moved, or rejoined with little to no downtime after a PoE system is implemented. As opposed to high voltage lighting, where you would need to shut down an entire section for repair, low voltage led lighting allows you to work on individual light points. 

2. Integrations

Anything linked to your network can be incorporated with PoE lighting. This includes surveillance cameras, electronic locks, digital screens, mobile devices, and occupancy sensors. Lights can also be activated to help with quality video recording if a security camera detects motion. 

3. Data Analytics

We make decisions by gathering and analyzing data. PoE software can offer insights on additional cost savings, places for improvement, and information on how your space is being used because data goes in both directions across Ethernet cables.

4. Dimming

Individual-level metering and space optimization is aided by luminaire-level control for dimming, scheduling, occupancy, and daylight management.

5. Remote Management

With the help of this advancement, building management systems can be effortlessly linked with smart lighting controls & connected lighting structures. Furthermore, it features a custom GUI for touch panel operation which enables intelligent control and remote management of the lighting system effectively. 

Along with these, POE-powered LED lighting solutions result in more cost and energy savings than traditional or fluorescent lights. 

Besides, different workplaces are integrating IoT infrastructure and lighting upgrades like PoE to be a part of the revolution and provide their internal and external customers with the best possible environment. 

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