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Cipla - Vikroli

Cipla - Vikroli
Cipla - Vikroli
Mr. Prashant Kavle, Projects Department, Cipla - Vikroli, shares his views on why they chose Wipro Lightspots for their project and how were they benefited.
Our prime objective was environmental concerns and electricity savings, without compromising on staff’s convenience and comfort. Each area in the factory had very specific and unique lighting requirements. Certain areas which were used for short time spans wasted a lot of electrical energy when unoccupied. We were looking at a company who could understand these requirements and give us perfect solutions.
After studying, analysing our requirement and subsequent discussions with our project team, Wipro Lighting offered us a combination of Lightspot solutions fulfilling the different needs for the projects.
We found Wipro's Lightspots the most intelligent, efficient, cost effective, user-friendly, flexible and reliable. Satisfied with its performance we have decided to use the same solutions for our other plants at Goa and Baddi.
Long Corridors and Storage Areas

The 12m long corridors were lit with 12 nos of 2x18 CFL fixtures. Wipro recommended Microwave sensors (MR1500PF) since the area of detection was larger. MR1500PF was designed to cover an area of 20m and cater to a load of 10Amps.

Clean Rooms, Changing Rooms and Pantry Areas

The areas were very small and required localised control. Avoiding wastage of electricity when unoccupied was the key concern. Passive infrared (PIR) technology based Lightspot (MS1200PF) matched our requirements.

Open plan offices

For our project office area we chose Dynamic Lightspot (MS 1200 DF) with regulated light output based on the contribution of natural daylight. MS 1200 DF used with dimmable ballasts ensured optimum utilization of energy and maximized usage of natural daylight.

The Benefits
  • Localised Lightspots for the clean rooms, changing rooms and pantry area avoided energy wastage amounting to considerable savings.
  • The lights were automatically switched on in the corridors and storage areas which created a feeling of security for the people using those areas.
  • Lightspots dynamically controlled the lights. Electricity was saved without compromising on users comforts.Automatic lighting level adjustments created comfortable working conditions for users.
  • Automatic dimming and switch off also saved good amount of energy for the organization. The system was not only saved costs, but also gave us the flexibility to adjust and adopt lighting as per our wish.
  • Finally, inspite of all these advanced features, Wipro Lightspots are very simple and easy to use.