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Jawaharlal Nehru Bhawan, Delhi

Office of Ministry of External Affairs
 Jawaharlal Nehru Bhawan, Delhi
 Jawaharlal Nehru Bhawan, Delhi
Project Brief
On the intersection of Jan Path and Maulana Azad Road lies home for Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)-Jawaharlal Nehru Bhawan. Constructed with famous red sandstone from Dholpur stone work grand presence of Jawahar Nehru Bhawan, catches attention of any passerby. With a built up area of 60,000 sq mtrs, this grand structure is a truly state of art facility.
Designed as a green building, it has host of of green features. It is one of the first government buildings in India with Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Green Certification as well as Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) Certification. Wipro lighting had the privilege to provide lighting solution for this prestigious project. Wipro worked on providing a Lighting solution along with a Lighting Management System to control the desired parameters and help the client in achieving their objectives. The energy efficient products and solution provided by Wipro has helped achieve Platinum rating for this prestigious project.
Project Credits

Client: Executive Engineer (E), JNB Elect. Division, CPWD, Delhi

  • Occupancy Type: Office Type
  • Built Up Area: 6,45,600 Sq ft
  • Location: Delhi
  • Architect: Inhouse CPWD Architect Team
  • Consultant: V.S. Kukreja & Associates Pvt. Ltd, Delhi
  • Contractor: Nagarjuna Construction Company Ltd
  • Lighting: Wipro
  • Lighting Control System: Wipro
Building Details

This is five storey building mainly consists of four blocks A, B, C and D. The blocks are designed in order to get sufficient daylight inside the building. Block A & B goes till fourth floor while Block C & D ends at third floor.

Major areas in the buildings consist of Cabins, Open Office, Training Rooms and Visitor Rooms etc. Complete building is with false ceiling either GRID or POP.

Customer Requirements
  • Customer wanted to building this complete building as Green Building
  • Certification level to be achieved is GOLD Rating
  • Use of Best in Class Products and Technology to achieve desired Lux levels as we ll as Lighting Power Density
  • Lux Levels to be followed as per IS standards
  • Lighting Power Density (LPD) should be less than 0.8 W/Sq. Ft.
  • Sufficient Daylight was available in the building hence this should be use effectively to reduce energy consumption
Proposed Solution
  • Selection of luminaire was key factor in achieving desired lux levels as well as Lighting Power Density. We proposed SPACIO as main product for all the office areas because of following reasons
    • SPACIO has higher Optical Efficiency ( >70%)
    • SPACIO is available in different lamp configuration fo2x24W T5, 3x14WT5 and 4x14W T5 with the same aesthetic look
    • We selected 2x14W, 3x14W and 4x14W T5 configuration for entire building
  • We proposed 3W LED Downlight in combination with SPACIO to reduce LPD in all the areas
  • Use of workstation mounted Task Light (9W CFL My Light) was used in all workstation areas to achieve Green Point Under the head of Controllability of the System, where 90% of building occupants should be able to directly control their own light
  • Use of PIR Occupancy Sensor in all Cabins, Meeting Rooms, Visitor Rooms etc
  • Use of PIR Occupancy + Daylight Dimming Sensor in all the areas where sufficient amount of daylight was available
Our proposed products

Key Products
To address BIAL’s needs holistically, we picked some of the most innovative lighting solutions that we had designed.
2x14W T5, 3x14W T5 & 4x14W T5
Kolors LED Downlighter
1W x 3 LEDs
My Light
Occupancy Sensor
Daylight + Occupancy Sensor
Benefits to Client
  • Proposed solution of Wipro helped customer receiving Green Building Certification
  • Lower Operation Cost of entire building using energy efficient lighting and lighting controls products
  • Use of Occupancy and Daylight Sensor reduces dependency on manual operation of lighting and saves energy
  • Use of T5 and LED as light Source provide very high service life and hence less maintenance to be carried out in building

The green credentials for Jawaharlal Nehru Bhawan are a result of Wipro Lighting’s philosophy of Brightness Management and Force Green.

Results Achieved
  • Lux levels achieved as per IS Standards (300 Lux for Office, 100 Lux for Corridor etc)
  • Lighting Power Density achieved is less than 0.8 W/Sq.Ft.
  • Green Certification Point for Individual Lighting Control to User because of use of MyLight
  • Further Reduction in LPD because of use of Occupancy and Daylight Sensor

Brightness Management philosophy considers people as the core of the workspace lighting. It asserts on the quality and not the quantity of light.

The luminaire- Spacio-used in JNB, is the 3rd generation Brightness Management fixture which is a proven solution for green building. It is designed to achieve visually balanced light that provides uniform light distribution in horizontal and vertical planes. Spacio combines best in class HET technology, new age light dispersion technique through textured lines to achieve the lowest LPD.

Spacio in combination with Wipro’s lighting controls delivers the perfect lighting solution for Green buildings.

FORCE GREEN is a commitment and platform to support Green Buildings by providing high performance energy efficient lighting solutions through a dedicated team of experts. The objective is to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings, enhance efficiency and moderate the use of materials, energy and development space.

Today Wipro lighting has a leadership in providing commercial green building lighting solutions in India. With Brightness Management, Force green in combination with new ag e LED luminaires we are committed to fulfil customer requirement of energy efficient solutions.