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Museum Of Anthropological Survey in Nagpur

New wave of Greenfield airport development in India
Museum Of Anthropological Survey in Nagpur
Museum Of Anthropological Survey in Nagpur
Project Brief
The Bangalore International airport is a shining example of new wave of Greenfield Airport Development in India. The airport is located 4 kilometres south of Devanahalli and is 40 kilometres from Bangalore city.
It replaced the private HAL airport which was being used earlier as a passenger airport. For the financial year 2011–12, it was the 4th airport in the country in terms of overall passenger traffic of 12.69 million and 5th in terms of international passenger traffic. Known for its world-class facilities, it has been awarded “India’s Best Airport” for the year 2011 by one of the surveys.
Construction of the airport

The airport project started as a public-private joint venture between Germany's Siemens Project Ventures GmbH, Government of Karnataka and Airports Authority of India (AAI). Construction of the airport began in July 2005. The new airport was originally planned to accommodate 3.5 million passengers a year, but this was redesigned to handle 12 million passengers per year. The redesign resulted in an increase in the size of the terminal, number of aircraft stands, new taxiway layouts and supporting infrastructure.

handling 18 million passengers

The airport handled about 12.6 million passengers and had air traffic movements of about 330 per day in the year 2011. The airport is expected to handle 18 million passengers in the year 2015. It hosts to 10 domestic airlines and 21 international airlines connecting the city to about 50 destinations across India and rest of the world.

Project Credits

Client : BIAL (Bangalore International Airport Limited)

  • Occupancy Type : International Airport
  • Built Up Area : 1,450,000 Sq.ft. (Terminal Building)
  • Location : Bangalore
  • Architect & Consultant : Barten Bach
  • Civil Contractor : L&T
  • Electrical Contractor : Siemens Chennai
  • Lighting : Wipro
  • Lighting Control System : Wipro
Building Details

The Airport consists of Main Terminal Building, Ancillary Buildings, Parking Areas and Aircraft Areas.

Total Lighting Package of the Airport was divided into four major parts –

  • Lighting of Public Area of Terminal Building
  • Lighting of Non-Public Area and Ancillary Buildings
  • Lighting of Apron Area
  • Lighting of Outdoor Parking Area
received order of Package No. 2
Wipro participated in lighting tender and received order of Package No. 2 – Lighting of Non-Public Area in Terminal Building and Ancillary Buildings
Wirpo Scope
  • 1. Non-Public Area of Terminal Building
  • 2. AC Plant
  • 3. ARFF
  • 4. ATC Tower
  • 5. Admin Building
  • 6. Booster Pump
  • 7. Compact Station 27
  • 8. Compact station 9
  • 9. DVOR Building
  • 10. Fire Escape Routes
  • 11. Fire Water Pump Satellite
  • 12. Fire Water Pump - Main
  • 13. Glide Path Building
  • 14. GSE
  • 15. Localizer Building
  • 16. MPSS A
  • 17. Maintenance - Mechanical
  • 18. Maintenance E & C Car Parking
  • 19. Maintenance E & C Stores and rest rooms
  • 20. Maintenance Electrical and Civil buildings
  • 21. Potable Water Pump
  • 22. Power House
  • 23. Public Convenience
  • 24. RADAR TX Building
  • 26. Raw Water Pump
  • 27. STP Building
  • 28. Security Cabin
  • 29. Service Tunnel
  • 30. Switchyard
  • 31. VVIP terminal
  • 32. Watch Towers
Customer Requirements
  • Major focus on lighting for office areas with brightness management luminaires with good horizontal and vertical illumination in the space
  • Industrial areas like Maintenance Building and Pump Rooms shall be with rugged luminaires for longer life
  • Lighting should be energy-efficient and aesthetically appealing
  • Design based JOB and Wipro has to support with lighting design for all the areas in scope
  • Lux levels to be followed as per IS standards
Proposed Solution
  • Selection of luminaire was a key factor in achieving the desired lux levels
  • We used Fusion 2 as the main product for all the office areas because of following reasons:
    • 1. Fusion 2 has higher optical-efficiency (>70%)
    • 2. Fusion 2 has higher indirect component and hence confirms to CIBSE LG3 Guidelines
    • 3. We selected 2x36W CFL configuration for entire building
  • Good horizontal and vertical lighting levels were achieved using Fusion 2
Our proposed products

Key Products
To address BIAL’s needs holistically, we picked some of the most innovative lighting solutions that we had designed.
Fusion 2
2x36W CFL
2x36W FTL
CFL Down Lighter
1x18W CFL
WCF 81
2x36W FTL
2x36W FTL
CFL Down Lighter
2x18W CFL
Results Achieved
  • Lux levels achieved as per Tender Document (300 Lux for office, 100 Lux for corridor, etc.)
  • Lower power consumption and higher lamp life using SIGMA Electronic ballast, which was also provided with parallel lamp operation .
Core of the Workspace Lighting

Brightness management philosophy, which is the core to success of winning the project, considers people as the core of the workspace lighting. It asserts on the quality and not the quantity of light.


The luminaire – Fusion 2 – used in BIAL, is the 1st generation brightness management fixture, which is a proven solution in direct/indirect lighting. It is designed to achieve visually-balanced light that provides uniform light distribution in horizontal and vertical planes.

Leaders in providing Lighting Solutions

BIAL is a prime example of in Wipro Lighting’s strong association with new airport development/re-development in India. The success of BIAL has followed by other major international terminal successes like MIAL Terminal 2. Today, Wipro is one of the leaders in providing lighting solutions to airports in India with credentials of supplying light fixtures to 15 airports.