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Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Lighting solutions which enable workspace management in mobile broadband and wireless network spaces.
Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Project Brief
Sharing a case-study on our capability of Power over Ethernet (PoE) Lighting solutions which enable Workspace Management for one of our esteemed customers in mobile broadband and wireless network services space.

The customer has recently developed state of the art new technology centre in Mumbai and wanted to make this facility as showcase of emerging technologies in various fields.

Wipro was engaged to design, supply and commission the PoE based lighting control system along with complete Lighting Solutions for the office area, to control the desired parameters and helping the client in achieving below objectives.

  • Reduce overall lighting energy consumption while ensuring required light levels and control as per application requirement.
  • Network based lighting controls to make use of IoT platforms.
  • Individual luminaire level dimming, Scheduling.
  • Smart WorkSpace Management Sensors for office areas.
  • Flexibility in control via user input for all close meeting rooms, cabins and board rooms.
  • Monitoring and reporting of all light fittings for maximum efficiency and minimal maintenance.
  • Measuring Occupancy level of Space, Traffic Lines, People Counting and location for analytics.
Smart Workspace Management

To achieve all the above parameters, Wipro made use of products with latest technology of PoE based Lighting Management System in conjunction with Smart Work Space Management sensors. Smart WorkSpace Management sensors are integrated seamlessly to provide details like Presence, Counting, Location, Traffic Lines.

With the usage of the afore-mentioned solutions, the customer is able to achieve the benefits like safety, energy efficiency. Single cable for control and power makes system extremely easy to install. Every individual light is assigned with dedicated IP address and can be controlled and monitored at Site or remotely via Cloud Services thus making the system flexible and productive. With Smart Workspace Management sensor, the customer is able to get interesting insights about the utilisation of work area for occupancy, traffic, counting and location keeping identity of individual safe. This data can be further analyzed for improvement of the workspace.

Our PoE Technology

Our PoE technology, Lighting Management System and Workspace Management services are cloud based and have API level access. This makes them most suitable for IoT Ready future applications so that it can be integrated with other systems and can provide seamless access. The system is scalable in terms of usage in large facilities for wayfinding's, conference room bookings and location of persons using beacons or WiFi or BLE Tags.

The solution is capable of delivering 65% energy savings over conventional lighting systems.