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How to Choose a Good LED?

Achieve high energy savings and maximum light output.
Best way to choose good LED
The future is LED in choosing a good LED luminaire
Today, LED has become synonymous with sustainable & green lighting solutions. In such a scenario, it becomes important as a user to know the significant promoters in LED technology and have an evaluation system which can help you choose the appropriate LED lighting solution to achieve high energy savings and maximum light output all at the same time.

Best LED Luminaire

Wipro’s best-in-class LED luminaires are specifically designed to keep you comfortable at all times.

  • Optics Diffuser
  • LED Module
  • Thermal Management
  • Driver
  • Base and Socket
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Key Parameters Checklist
  • Country of origin and make
  • Quality of LEDs (Binning)
  • Lumen output
  • Colour temperature consistency
  • Compliance LM80 standard
  • System lumens of LED luminaire
What Wipro Offers
  • Best-in-class LED technology from Japan
  • High lumen output of minimum 130 lm/watt
  • LM80 compliant LEDs
  • Strict adherence to lumen output and colour temperature
Key Parameters Checklist
  • Compatibility with electrical environment
  • Multistage isolated driver
  • Useful system life
  • Protection against voltage surges
  • Compliance with safety and performance standard
What Wipro Offers
  • Conforms to relevant international standards
  • Constant Current & Constant Voltage (CCCV) driver
  • 2/3 stage isolated drivers
  • Good design and quality components for a long service life
  • Designed and manufactured in India specially for Indian power conditions
Key Parameters Checklist
  • Designed for varying ambient temperatures
  • Effective heat dissipation mechanism
  • Maintaining junction temperature within specified limits
What Wipro Offers
  • MCPCBs for high wattage LED luminaires for better heat dissipation
  • In all products junction temperature is maintained well below the maximum specified limit
  • Luminaires can operate in varied ambient conditions (upto 45º C)
Key Parameters Checklist
  • Uniform and glare free lighting
  • Good volumetric lighting
  • Optical efficiency
What Wipro Offers
  • HET (High Efficiency Translucence) or LGP (Light Guide Panel) technology in most of the indoor luminaires
  • Uniform and glare free lighting experience with reduced LPD in indoor luminaires
  • Volumetric distribution for good lighting and safety
Key Parameters Checklist
  • Innovative design
  • Latest technology
  • Form and function
  • Trusted brand
What Wipro Offers 5
  • Innovative designs aligned with latest technology
  • Over 20 years of experience and expertise in lighting design