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Cold Storage

Cold Storage
Cold Storage
The cold chain network plays a vital role in improving the shelf life & thereby reducing wastage/loss of the produce while improving overall efficiency.

A cold storage is a temperature-controlled storage space catering mainly to agriculture and food industries. They are majorly used for the storage and distribution of

  • Perishable goods
  • Frozen foods
  • Temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products

Effective cold storage in supply chain can make significant difference to the success of any business. It plays a key role not only in lowering storage and distribution costs & retain product quality but thereby maintain customer satisfaction and build a successful brand.

Reduce the thermal contribution

The duality between light and cold is a crucial issue in the CS facility.
A well engineered luminaire with high efficacy & better thermal management will help to reduce refrigeration load & thereby the cooling costs phenomenally

Optimise the Energy Cost

After refrigeration, lighting is one of the highest operational costs in CS.
Optimized lighting design & higher Efficiency luminaires helps.
Maintenance Free Long service life : Maintenance may cause downtime in a particular zone leading to delays & financial losses.

Enhanced Productivity & Safety

Glare free, Uniform & adequate light levels by using high efficiency luminaries.
It improves visibility & ensure error free operations while minimizing the risk of work related accidents. (Eye fatigue/straining/headaches)

Reduce dead load on ceiling

Suspended ceiling like Puff panels are widely used in CS.
Lighting is one utility with presence across the ceiling & the facility; light weight luminaires makes perfect sense to reduce the dead load on the ceiling.

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Cold Storage