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Lighting Controls

Precision Optical Design and Uniform Light Distribution
Lighting Controls
Lighting Controls
In 2002, Wipro pioneered into the Energy Management Systems with energy efficient lighting controls that are a blend of efficiency, comfort and style with focus on intelligent controls for Cost, Convenience and Comfort.

These one-touch controls and designs enhanced user comfort and reduced energy consumption upto 35%.

Our range of occupancy detectors and daylight dimming sensors can help reduce energy consumption by automatically turning off lights based on room occupancy as well as on the detection of daylight. They can also contribute to public and workforce safety by automatically illuminating dark corridors and stairwells.

Wipro lighting provides the ultimate freedom in delivering lighting control solutions for a wide variety of applications ranging from energy efficient commercial lighting to state of the art architectural lighting applications. Being flexible and scalable, Wipro lighting management system is suitable from single room to campuses.

Advanced Lighting Control Management systems comprises of a suite of software and hardware products that integrate together to offer you total freedom in lighting design.

Complete Lighting Control Management Systems which impart maximum freedom in lighting design, scalable from room to entire building, provide for energy monitoring and various user interface options, cater to Lighting scenes and transitions, impart automated control and very well integrate to building automation systems.

Our solutions have evolved now; currently along with standalone controls, we have started providing smart lighting control solutions through Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, Bluetooth wireless, Analog/DALI dimming. We offer the entire lighting management connected with the mainframe network. This helps in measuring the occupancy and energy efficiency.

3Cs of intelligent Lighting Controls

We believe in providing long-term benefits to our customers in terms of cost, convenience, and comfort.

‘eSense’ range of lighting provides smart controls to reduce consumption of light and increase savings of up to 35%.
‘eSense’ Scene Select System allows smooth transition of light at the touch of a button.
‘eSense’ lighting and dimming sensors regulate the luminaires to maintain uniform lighting levels, and creating comfortable and pleasant working conditions.
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Our Lighting Control Solutions

6 Options in Lighting Controls
Lighting Controls
Lighting Controls
Lighting Controls
Lighting Controls
COM 23/CDA 24
Lighting Controls
Scene Select System
Lighting Controls
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