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Sky Scale

Smooth | Smart | Soothing
Splendid Contemporary Workspaces Luminaire

Fabricated luminaires are a simple, out-of-the-box way to incorporate the unique ambience of a stretch fabric ceiling into your space. Large-scale luminaires bring in the feeling of the outdoors, to the indoors, by creating artificial skylights in a grid ceiling or filling an open space concept with canopies of light.

Wipro introduces a range of splendid contemporary workspace luminaires – Skyscale. Our revolutionary innovation towards bringing nature and natural light in indoor space. It holds a place of pride in today's commercial lighting scenario because of its large area ceiling lumination, modular design and other par-excellence features.

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One Light , One Ceiling
Attributes and Advantages
Splendid contemporary workspace luminaire
Immersive Lighting

Delivers an adequate amount of light far and wide the workspace without any visual discomfort.

Aesthetical & Functional

Customizable and moderate design with extruded aluminium housing, perfect for modern workspaces.

Seamless Look

Perfectly assembled knitted fabric luminaire with no visible hardware on the external surface.

Visual Comfort

Efficacious optical and spectral features of LEDs provide a mollifying and capacitive environment that gives visual comfort.

  • White/ black matt powder-coated extruded aluminium housing.
  • Customizable design, flexibility in size, easy installation and no visible hardware on the external surface.
  • Unique translucent stretch fabric with excellent resistance properties - flame retardant, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-static, impermeable to steam and water.
  • Highly-efficient LEDs for uniform and optimum light output.
  • Better light transmission and forms excellent diffusion of light.
Electrical data
Future ready and smart
Cat No. Wattage (W) Related Voltage (A) Main Current (A) Case Lot (Nos.) Weight (Kg)
LM98-801-XXX-57-WH 80 240 0.35 1 16.5
LM98-801-XXX-57-BL 80 240 0.35 1 16.5
LM98-801-XXX-40-WH 80 240 0.35 1 16.5
LM98-801-XXX-40-BL 80 240 0.35 1 16.5