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May 4, 2020

3 Advantages of LED lights in Data Centres

The introduction of LED lighting technology has initiated one of the biggest revolutions in the global lighting industry. Earlier, all commercial businesses were leveraged to rely on traditional lighting solutions, typically based on incandescent bulbs or compact fluorescent lights (CFLs). Though these lighting solutions somehow provided modest illumination levels, they still fell short on various parameters like durability, sustainability, efficacy, and efficiency. On the other hand, LED lighting solutions overcame all these limitations and gradually emerged as the top preference for all business verticals and commercial sectors.

A majority of commercial sectors, especially the IT and software industry have acknowledged the use of LED lights in their workspaces and fragile areas like data centres. Data centres are referred to as those facilities that typically house complex computer-related components and systems. They centralize an organisation’s shared IT operations and equipment for storing, processing, and circulating the data.

As per the leading commercial lighting manufacturers, lighting is a pivotal aspect in sensitive and vulnerable data centre facilities. Proper illumination ensures that the operations are conducted seamlessly and an error-free environment is maintained. Thus, authorities typically decide on the installation of indoor LED lighting solutions in such areas.

Here are some advantages of using LED lights in data centres:

1. LEDs are energy efficient

Data centres typically house a complex network of electrical appliances and heavy machinery that consume a substantial amount of power. In such a scenario, office authorities can decide on industrial indoor LED lighting solutions in order to ensure savings on electricity consumption. The leading commercial lighting manufacturers assert LEDs are the most energy efficient lighting solutions in the world as they are nearly 80% more efficient than traditional lighting solutions.

2. LEDs generate less heat

Unlike traditional lighting appliances that emit a considerable amount of heat, LED luminaires convert almost 95% of electricity into illumination and waste only 5% as heat. This is one of the primary benefits of installing LED lights in data centres as excess heat can make the facility prone to accidents or mishaps. For instance, LED luminaires like Iris SQ from Wipro Lighting are also equipped with heat sink capabilities to ensure efficient thermal management and longevity of the appliance.

3. LEDs are dimmable

Data centres typically remain isolated and do not experience a lot of movement. However, they may still require instant inspection of cables and other equipment in case of urgency. In such cases, possessing dimmable capabilities makes LED luminaires the best option for illuminating these areas. Authorities can connect LED lights with smart sensors in order to ensure proper and quick illumination for seamless functionality.

Moreover, LEDs are capable of furnishing uniform and comforting illumination throughout the space. This promotes smooth and optimal conduct of operations while also ensuring the health and wellness of the employees.

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