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December 16, 2019

3 Application areas of smart outdoors

The technological advancements in the 21st century have led to tremendous developments in the outdoor lighting domain. According to the top commercial lighting manufacturers, smart outdoor lighting solutions are now assisting in the development of smart cities while ensuring public comfort and security at all times.

These lighting solutions consist of sustainable LED luminaires, motion sensors, smart screens, Wi-Fi and RF connectivity, and various other features that make them smart and intelligent in the true sense. They offer numerous benefits not only for the people but also for the societies and cities as a whole. As a result, various sectors and industry verticals have increased their reliance on these lighting solutions.  Some key benefits of smart outdoors include:

• Highly energy and cost efficient smart lighting solutions

• Easy to use. Can be controlled with various electronic devices over network connectivity

• Ensure low maintenance, safety and a longer life

• Help significantly in system maintenance

• Ensure optimized management

Here are some of the application areas where smart outdoors can serve:

1. Road infrastructure

Smart outdoor lighting solutions can play a pivotal role in making the road infrastructure advanced, safe, and secure. As per the leading outdoor LED lighting manufacturers, the installation of smart pole lights on the roads, highways, flyovers, and other public areas can not only curb criminal activities but also minimize the risk of road accidents. Furthermore, the top LED manufacturers are also integrating various features for making the lighting solutions more efficient. For instance, Smart Pole Lights by Wipro Lighting is incorporated with weather sensors, CO2 sensors, CCTV cameras and PAS system, etc. that makes it an all-in-one solution.

2. Landscapes

Commercial spaces like offices, hotels, restaurants, etc. are often incorporated with garden areas or landscape architectural spaces. Hence, they rely on landscape luminaires in order to increase the aesthetical value of the space. In such a scenario, replacing the traditional landscape lighting with smart outdoor lights can do wonders in terms of energy efficiency. Smart outdoor lighting solutions are empowered with motion sensors that detect human presence to control the light. This helps the concerned authorities to save both on electricity consumption and energy costs.

3. Large commercial spaces

Large commercial spaces like manufacturing plants, shipyards, stadiums, etc. often require advanced lighting systems due to the complex nature of their operations. Thus, smart outdoor solutions emerge as a natural choice. They are incorporated with various state-of-the-art technologies that not only provide better and uniform illumination but also assist in data collection via sensors.

Innovators have integrated lighting technologies with “Internet of Things” in order to make them more flexible and easy to use. Smart outdoors is one such intelligent LED lighting solution that uses IoT for making the lighting system a part of the digital eco-system.

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