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June 14, 2022

3 Best Office Lighting Solutions by Wipro

Getting the right set of office lighting is essential for a workplace to enhance productivity. A well-lit working environment is what makes employees happy at work. Not to mention, it promotes clear visibility and comfort to the eyes. This helps maintain the health of the employees, further contributing to better achievement of organisational goals. 

Therefore, many workplaces consider modern office LED lighting to embrace the ambience and features of the space and work quality of employees. However, with a plethora of office lighting solutions flooding the market, choosing the most suitable and reliable luminaires can become a challenging task. As more and more people are releasing the potential and effectiveness of office lighting, higher is the demand and types of lights emerging in the lighting industry.

To help you make the right choice, we have listed some of the best office lighting solutions to consider by Wipro Lighting.

Mist- The next-gen soft light

Mist is a high-end next-generation soft lighting solution offered by Wipro Lighting. It is a recessed mounted indirect LED luminaire skillfully designed to promote low glare light.

Its main features include:

  • Reliability and quality performance
  • Aesthetical configuration
  • Volumetric lighting
  • Optical excellence
  • Comes with the options of analog dimming and DALI dimming
  • Designer metal mesh with interesting patterns for perforations, etc.

These features and specifications make it fruitful to use in workplaces to give contemplative designed recess light for enhancing uniform illumination all over the space.  

Lighting professionals state that Mist is one of the most suitable vertical luminaires to provide both direct and indirect illumination to intensify the workspace. No wonder, it is one of the best lights to place in offices.  

inForm Range- An architectural Marvel

It is an open and exposed ceiling lighting solution to enhance office interiors. For modern workspaces aiming to design a collaborative and open space to promote teamwork and communication, inForm Range by Wipro Lighting is the best modern office lighting solution to go with. It offers multiple options in types, shapes and colours; all backed by the trust and credibility of Wipro Lighting. 

Orbit Ring, Arc, Coral, Retro, Ozone, Dome, Vertica, Cone, etc are some of the LED luminaires available in this range.

Some of the common features to benefit from these lighting are:

  • Adds shapes and forms
  • Superior optics
  • Ease of installation

Furthermore, the inForm range works seamlessly across all the technology platforms including PoE (Power over Ethernet), BLE (Bluetooth) and Insync (Human Centric Lighting). One can explore different luminaires under it on the website to integrate at distinct locations and spaces within an organization and get detailed specifications respectively. 

OnAir - Sleek, Slim, Seamless

It is a premium lighting option for workspaces specially designed to integrate into open-plan offices. Also, many technology innovators advertise the need and role of exposed ceilings and open workspace which led to the emergence of linear and other forms of suspended luminaires

This concept is highly adaptive in interior designs as it responds to the people's natural needs for space and freedom.

Wipro Lighting’s OnAir linear suspended edge-lit luminaire is a low glare light and provides a full diffused glow and excellent lighting quality which is topped by high uniformity and efficacy, UGR<19.

Its major features include:

  • Increased aesthetic and design
  • Improved quality of light
  • Multiple options in light distribution 100% down, 70% down- 30% up, optic standard and UGR

One can install this type of lighting in office cabins, conference rooms, primary workspace and meeting rooms, etc.

Along with these, Sky Scale, Stylus, and Axeon+ are some other highly proficient Wipro LED Lighting solutions to use in offices.

Workspaces are changing and so are the work culture and office requirements. Today many offices are integrating modern LED lights to extend beyond the boundaries of time and space. By considering the above-mentioned lighting options, workspaces can easily create a fantastic space for employees to work productively to achieve organisational and personal goals as well.

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