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November 25, 2021

3 Outdoor lighting tips to enhance business security

Outdoor lighting solutions help in deterring unlawful intentions, prevent accidents, and increase the sense of safety among employees and workers. However, many companies and official authorities still refrain from investing properly in the right outdoor led lights. They decide on installing cheap outdoor lights in order to minimize the cost which eventually leads to loopholes with regard to business security. 


Here are some of the most essential outdoor lighting tips that you should follow to enhance the security and safety of your business property:     

Decide on different outdoor LED lights

The market is flooded with various types of outdoor LED lights for business owners. Each of them serves a specific purpose and plays its part in strengthening the security aspect of your property. Here are some outdoor LED luminaires that you can consider for your property.

  • LED Flood Light - LED floodlights are the most easily available outdoor lights in the market. It floods the space with light and ensures a uniform illumination throughout the whole space.  It is the perfect solution in case your office is equipped with big spaces like warehouses.  
  • Low wattage floodlights can not only accentuate your landscape architecture but also makes it safer. Moreover, they can be used to illuminate your business signage. These lights can be installed to highlight your business address.
  • Step Lights - Step lights are LED landscape luminaires specially designed to illuminate accident-prone areas like stairs or steps. People often lose balance or stumble on the staircase that makes them vulnerable to injuries. However, step lights illuminate each and every step properly and minimize the risk.
  • Street Lights – Quality street lights ensure the right illumination distribution on the required areas and provide proper guidance for the vehicles and employees. Along with quality illumination, low maintenance and longer life of quality streetlights reduce the overall maintenance cost of an organization


Moreover, motion-activated lights, wall lights, in-ground lights, pathway lights, etc. are some other outdoor lights that you can consider installing for making your business property safe.    

Consider the right placement for outdoor lights

Placing the light in the right places is equally important as buying the right LED outdoor lights. Consult a lighting expert and map a proper outdoor lighting plan as per the needs and requirements.  Place sturdy and bright LED floodlights in areas like open-parking spaces and pathway lights around the walkways. Make sure to add appropriate outdoor lights on entrances and exits to make the building safe. However, always make sure that the lights do not impede other security solutions like CCTV cameras.   

Ensure timely maintenance of the outdoor lighting solution 

Outdoor lights are leveraged to withstand harsh weather conditions. Rain, heavy winds, snowfall, storms, etc. often damage the electrical wiring and LED luminaires that can eventually put the safety of people at risk. Thus, always ensure timely maintenance and upkeep of your outdoor lighting solution. For best results, decide on at least IP65 (IP54 for semi-outdoor) rated luminaires. They not only offer protection against dust and water damage but also aid savings with minimized maintenance bills.   


Outdoor lighting is an integral part of all lighting plans and designs in a commercial space. It ensures clarity of vision after sunset and makes the property safe and secure during nighttime. It not only helps people in spotting potential dangers that can lead to mishaps but also keeps unethical elements of society like thieves and burglars at bay.

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