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June 17, 2020
3 Reasons you should Install Low voltage Lights in your Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture is often viewed as the most alluring and attractive space in a property. People tend to feel utmost pride in expressing their personality via their garden spaces, and thus, ensure the integration of all aesthetical elements that can ameliorate the charm of their exclusive space. One such aesthetical element is lighting of the landscape.

As per the leading LED lighting manufacturers, landscape luminaires serve a much bigger purpose than just illuminating the outdoor spaces. They set out as important aesthetical addition to the garden areas and ensure a safe and sound environment around the property. However, one should always ensure the installation of appropriate lights as lighting conditions in landscape architecture are known to influence the plant health and energy efficiency quotient of the property. For instance, people are suggested to decide on low voltage landscape lighting for their outdoor areas.

Here are some benefits associated with low voltage landscape lighting in landscape architecture:

1. Safe

Low voltage LED garden lights, when installed and positioned properly, help in minimizing the dangers associated with line voltage lighting systems like short circuits and sparking. The latter is one of the primary causes of unfortunate scenarios like fire. As per the top commercial lighting manufacturers, low voltage LED lighting solutions are specially designed to function optimally in moist and wet areas. Moreover, they are also free from UV and IR emissions which makes them safe for plants and garden flora.

2. Economical

Unlike conventional line voltage lighting systems that generally use 120-volt current, low voltage LED garden lights can operate flawlessly on 12-volt current. This means that the latter consumes only 10 percent of what a line voltage lighting system uses. Moreover, they also furnish multiple sustainability and energy efficiency benefits associated with LED lighting solutions. They emit less heat and ensure appropriate illumination with lesser number of outdoor landscape luminaires.

3. Easy to install

Low voltage landscape lighting solutions are much easier to install as compared to line voltage lighting systems. According to lighting experts, one of the primary benefits associated with the installation of low voltage lights is that the consumer can install additional lights without shutting off the circuit breaker.

Lastly, low voltage landscape lighting solutions are capable of furnishing significant cost savings in the long run. They help the consumers to save substantially on electricity bills while ensuring a highly personalized and aesthetically pleasing environment.

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