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August 3, 2020
3 Types of LED lights that can be used in Lecture Halls

A lecture hall is possibly the most important facility in all the educational institutions. It is a place where students interact with their teachers to learn about essential life skills, gain valuable and explore various perspectives. Moreover, lecture halls also provide a traditional learning environment that can induce a learning mindset. Hence they should possess the right ergonomics in order to fabricate a productive environment that is conducive to learning.

When it comes to ergonomics, one cannot ignore the importance of right lighting in a facility like lecture halls. Various researches assert that right lighting conditions can positively influence the alertness, motivation and productivity levels of the students, eventually improving their learning capabilities and performance. Thus,it is extremely important for the concerned authorities to invest on appropriate educational lighting solutions.

Here are some types of LED lights that are appropriate for installation in lecture halls:

1. Recessed lights

Recessed lights are possibly one of the most popular luminaires that are appropriate for a variety of application areas,including educational institutions. They can be installed directly into the lecture hall’s ceiling and aid in the development of an environment that can improve the productivity of the students. Apart from being highly practical and multi functional, they are also available in various models that can blend perfectly well with the modern ceilings. For instance, Immaculate Trimless LED by Wipro Lighting s integrated with a unique frame less design that minimizes clutter and furnishes a clean and sophisticated look. It ensures uniform distribution of light that can minimize eye strain and improve the concentration level of the students.

2. Suspended lights

Suspended lights, also known as pendant lights, are powerful indoor lighting solutions that can not only compliment the interior design schemes but also ensure uniform light distribution and comfortable illumination throughout the space.These lights can help in driving performance and enhancing the overall productivity of the students. Suspended lighting fixtures are versatile in nature and easy to install. However, educational authorities should always adhere to the thumb rule which suggests that lights should be hung at least 30 inches above the area.

3. Downlighters

Downlighters are a popular choice of lights in modern workspaces, retails stores, and healthcare facilities.They can be easily used in various lighting applications including task lighting, general lighting and accent lighting. Moreover, they ensure precise colour rendering which makes them appropriate for installation in several educational facility areas like lecture halls. For instance, our product Glitz LED offers true colour rendering that can positively influence the retention capability, concentration, mood and behaviour of the students. This can not only make learning easy for the students but also improve their overall performance.

Installing right lights can help in creating a comforting and vibrant space favourable for learning. However, it is important for authorities to evaluate various aspects like number of luminaires required, proper LUX (lx) levels, positioning of lights, etc. in order to provide a great learning experience to the students.

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