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October 11, 2022

4 Reasons to Leverage Biophilic Lighting Design in Commercial Spaces

Light has a huge impact on the physiological and psychological well-being of humans. This is the reason why researchers and lighting professionals are now more focused on creating human-centric lighting designs for workspaces or commercial buildings. They aim to provide powerful lighting sources that uplift the mood and maintain the health of the employees to work efficiently. 

This is where biophilic design comes into play. Lighting to regulate circadian rhythms, biophilic design, and the natural environment have become the most prominent terms among lighting professionals to experiment with in order to bring the beauty and essence of natural elements into the space. 

Furthermore, biophilia translates to the ‘love of nature’ and is interlinked with the benefits of pure and natural illumination. Hence, there is no denying that the most effective way to eliminate the carbon footprint and embrace the beauty of nature is to make way for natural lighting or integrate human-centric lighting solutions. 

Let’s dive deeper into why you must integrate biophilic LED lighting design into your workspace. 

1. Reduce Stress, Depression, and Illness

Stress levels and general health are influenced by the built environment. Particularly good lighting design has been found to have a direct impact on how someone feels by lowering tension, fatigue, overload, and the need to give up. Not to mention, a building's exposure to sunshine has been favourably connected to better eye health and higher levels of job satisfaction.

Therefore, incorporating green plants and natural lighting can easily stimulate your and your employee's mood to work productively. 

2. Increases Focus

A comfortable and healthy environment is the key to eliminating discomfort and pain which are recognised to be the biggest distractions at a workplace. 

Furthermore, modern LED lighting which is adjustable and eye-soothing with anti-glare properties is known to provide a warm and pleasing environment for employees to build the required concentration. 

Today, different types of lighting solutions, from accent to task luminaires are available in the market in various sizes and patterns. They can be installed in a workstation to effectively perform various tasks at hand. 

3. Stimulates circadian rhythms

Many businesses are emphasising the importance of maintaining their employees’ health, therefore are ready to invest in the best human-centric lights from reputed brands in India. As the name suggests, Human Centric Lighting, or HCL, operates by combining mind, body, and light together. They are specifically designed to balance your biological clock for the sleep and wake cycle. 

To be precise,  it regulates hormones that help the body stay active throughout the day by eliminating attention problems during the day and restlessness at night. 

4. Sustainability

Another advantage to leverage from good biophilia lighting is sustainability. Along with the above-covered benefits, the luminosity is produced via intelligent or smart lighting controls and fixtures. They are equipped with the latest technological advancements and offer connected illumination with motion sensors to ensure optimum safety and energy savings. This way you can minimize electricity bills and improve security within your office premises. 

Biophilic lighting is the future of the lighting industry. More and more commercial buildings are integrating green and healthy light sources. 

Moreover, lighting professionals are leaving no stone unturned to introduce unique ways to reap the maximum benefits of solar-powered and biophilic lighting solutions. Hence, incorporating it into your workspace will not only amplify the ambience but contribute to the welfare of the community and the economy at a wider level. 

Just make sure to buy luminaires from the best LED manufacturer in India like Wipro Lighting to not compromise the quality and effectiveness of the light source. To stay updated with the current additions, you can check their website anytime. 

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