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December 14, 2020

4 Things to consider when selecting outdoor lighting solutions

Outdoor lighting is not only an important aesthetical element in commercial premises but also a crucial safety measure. Landscape luminaires, floodlights, modern outdoor lights, outside wall lights, etc. light up the outdoor spaces to complement exterior elements in garden spaces and ensure clear vision. They ensure proper and uniform illumination in order to minimize the risk of accidents, mishaps, and injuries. Moreover, well-lit properties can also keep robbers and burglars away, further making the space safe for residents and property owners.

However, just like indoor lighting solutions, it is important that you decide on the right outside light fittings that are appropriate for your outdoor space. These lights are not only responsible for ensuring a safe and sound environment during night-time but also capable of transforming your garden, backyard, or lawn aesthetically.

Here are some essential things you should consider when selecting outdoor lighting solutions:

1. Size

Avoid buying lights that are too big or too small for your space. Such lights can interfere with the aesthetics and hamper the overall look and feel of your outdoor space. For instance, you do not require big and heavy lighting fixtures to light up exterior design elements like sculptures, trees, or bush art. These fixtures will only over-lit the elements, eventually eclipsing the details.

2. Colour

Don’t think that you can manage lighting up the space with lights of any colour. After all, you don’t want your lights to clash with the colour of your walls. Outdoor lighting solutions should complement the look of the exterior walls and landscape architecture. In case you want to install lights for security purposes, decide on white LED floodlights as they cast light widely, making your outdoor space much safer.

3. Style

Make sure that the lights you buy complement the overall style and look of your space. For instance, you can install low-voltage LED garden lights for illuminating your garden area. These lights are subtle and do not wash out the details. Wipro Lighting offers a range of stylish landscape luminaires that will match and perfectly blend with the style and decor of your outdoor spaces.

4. Durability

Outdoor lighting luminaires are required to withstand chilling temperatures, storm, wind, rain, moisture build-up, and what not. Thus, make sure that all the lights installed in your outdoor spaces are sturdy and durable. In such scenarios, you can always rely on outdoor LED lights by Wipro Lighting, as they are highly durable, and require less maintenance. Moreover, they also boast a robust build and are IP-rated, making them a perfect fit for your outdoor areas.

In these needy times when the world is on the brink of an energy crisis, we should all come together and make energy efficiency a common goal. LED lighting is the most efficient lighting technology available in the world right now and it can help us in solving energy problems at a larger level.

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