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May 25, 2021

5 Advantages of power over ethernet lighting solutions

Power over Ethernet, also known as PoE, refers to the ability to use an Ethernet cord that helps carry network data and electrical power to connected devices. Ethernet cords are often used to connect computers and enable them to receive and send data, this helps form the basis of an internet connection.

Previously, Ethernet cords were not used to power devices like lights, as they required more power than the cord could potentially transmit.

Moreover, lighting has evolved ever since, and with the rise of LED lighting, it has made light extremely efficient. And, now with the help of modern technology, one Ethernet cord can control and power several PoE light fixtures all at once.

Let us discuss the functionality of PoE

The way PoE functions is very simple: once you are done setting up the hardware, the node will act as an intelligent lighting hub as soon as it receives power and data from the network switch. Then, it goes to the devices that are connected to the system.

Indoor and outside led light fixtures and devices are connected via the network, the node has the capability to automatically discover and report those devices right back to the gateway software for smoother plug-and-play functionality. Once it is identified, each device receives an IP address from the local network in order to simplify installation and hence make custom configurations smoother.

What are some of the advantages?

We already know that PoE stands for Power over Ethernet, but what you don’t know is that it also stands for - cost savings, reliability, and security. With the help of PoE devices, you can leverage smart building automation technology and create an intelligent and automated environment. Some of the other advantages are:

Cost savings

Installing PoE is cheaper when compared to traditional electrical work, as the operating costs are lower over the course and data can help inform further decisions to save costs- all without sacrificing the light quality.

Data Analytics

Data ingest life into the smart building technology, making it easier to gather data and information to form intelligent optimizations. As you might know, that data travels both ways via an Ethernet cable, so PoE software not only sends commands and data to the devices, but it also collects data from these devices in order to provide helpful information and opportunities to enhance occupants’ quality of life.

Easy installation

Since PoE voltages are usually under 60 V, there is no need for conduit or metal cladding, which in turn increases the speed of the installations; decreases the hazards that come along with typical electrical work, and significantly reduces the overall cost of installation.

Control and flexibility

Once you are done installing, PoE-controlled devices can be moved easily and reconnect to the new system. When you have devices connected to a cord that also provides network data, you can then use an application to manage and control large spaces. This helps create custom commands that can be executed as per your requirements.

PoE and other devices are rapidly gaining momentum because of the advantages it entails. Under the brand umbrella of the Internet of Lighting (IoL)®, Wipro Lighting creates a customizable environment that is best suited for a host of commercial spaces which includes modern workplaces, educational institutions, data centres, etc. Not just that, but it provides options in both centralized and distributed architecture.

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