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May 10, 2018

5 Factors That Contribute to A Successful Indoor Event

Indoor events call for months of planning and dedication. The organisers must consider every small detail to make sure the event is a full-blown success and attracts the desired number of audience. Furthermore, it is not just execution that decides the success of any event, it takes more than that. Be it a conference, a networking event or a high-end fashion show; there are five critical factors that organizers must consider before executing an event to avoid blunders.

The Right Lighting

Unlike outdoor events, when planning an indoor event, the first thing to consider is the right lighting. It is not only important to give the ambience the right glow but also for the guests’ safety. From the walkways to the parking lots, spaces that are a part of the venue should have ample lighting. It is an important aspect of an indoor event and can make or break a show. A careful balance of right LED lights at the right places makes it visually appealing while offering safety and creating the ‘wow’ factor. Brands like Wipro Lighting have an amazing range of LED lights that are right for illuminating any space. From high-efficiency spotlights to floodlights, they have it all. When the ambience is lit to perfection, it ignites a sense of interest in people attending the event.

The Sound System

Sound plays a vital role in any event – be it indoor or outdoor. With a weak sound system in place, the audience will have a hard time understanding the speaker or any other instructions given out at the venue. The organisers must also keep in mind that the sound is neither too high nor too low. Poor sound quality and levels are the two significant aspects of turning people off from the event and leaving them with negative memories. To ensure that the audience goes back with good memories and there are no issues with the sound, one must hire a professional who knows how to make the most of the space without a hitch. Remember, every word or note that comes out of the sound system should be crisp and clearly audible to the attendees.

The Right Seating Plan

Seating plays a crucial role in ensuring the attendees have a great time while attending the event. After finalising the venue, the organisers must think about creating a robust seating so the guests don’t have a problem finding theirs. When a guest arrives at the venue, they are always eager to find out their seating location. Discovering there is no one to guide them can be stressful. Also, when the show is about to begin, there are possibilities of undignified stampede if the attendees don’t know where they exactly need to sit. As a measure, seat numbers should be allotted at the time of booking while someone must be present at the venue to guide the guests to their respective seats.

Ample Parking Space

Though parking is not really a part of an indoor event, it plays a significant role in making the attendees feel comfortable. Even if everything else is planned to perfection, unorganized parking can leave a poor first impression on the attendees. While finalising the venue, the organiser must keep in mind the number of guests it can hold and whether it has ample parking space available to carry that number with ease. With ample parking space, they will be able to manage the crowd better and escort them to the auditorium for the event.

A Solid Backup Plan

When organising an event that is expecting numbers, anything can go haywire. Hence, the organisers must have a solid backup plan for every aspect of the event. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to organising an event – indoor or outdoor. The team members should be in constant contact with each other through walkie-talkies to immediately tackle any glitch that may harm the event. From electricity backup to extra parking spaces, everything should be kept in mind.

What makes any indoor event successful? The reactions are multiple, yet to find them and improve the planning experience, one has to stop and pay attention to what other event companies do. One can surely be on the top by learning from the best!

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